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Contra Conceptio

Contra Conceptio, protegere/ against the act of becoming pregnant with a child, to cover in front/ contraception, protection.

Latin root/ literal translation/ current usage.

A brother and I were having a discussion about various things, this was a part of it, but also quite a few branches off of it, and it got me thinking in my own special way.

Female wolverines will not mate if there is not enough food in their territory.

When good men and women protect, they protect from all angles.

To love little ones and respect life is to enjoy conception, not the sexual act, the creating of life.

To look at sex only as pleasure, is to forget what it’s for, and to focus on yourself, to be self centered.

Life begins at conception. I will not discuss how I know this, but there is no doubt for me it is so.

Abstinence from sex does not mean to deprive yourself.

The energy stored in the sexual organs used to create life, can be used in other ways. Just like we discussed in the anger blog.

This creation energy can be used to make art, help plants grow, heal the earth, and your fellow humans. I know this sounds “new agey” but it’s true. It all depends on your focus. I stumbled onto this realization, I did not try to make it happen. I simply did not want to be a slave to that sexual urge anymore, I learned the environmental triggers in movies and shows I was watching, and eliminated them, and the only thing left was the cycle I had put my body into. I saw and felt the damage done to the earth and felt compassion for our mother, and that energy just moved to her. I changed my focus from self gratification, to compassion.

Medical science teaches a period of ovulation, directly related to the body. Are there other periods of ovulation you can tune to? And no, I don’t mean planets, stars, or any of that.

Why do Americans view bringing a life into this world as a negative they need to protect against?

Why is the majority of the American mind set focused on contra Conceptio? As I asked in another blog, where are your roots?

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