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Balance in duality

I was recently reading a post called They say opposites attract and it got me to thinking. I thought about the saying opposites attract. While it is true, it’s also not complete to describe a relationship. Birds of a feather flock together also applies, but is not complete either.

I’m not going to claim any wisdom in relationships, or balance. But certain things have stood out to me over the years, and talking to many people I’ve come to understand a few things at least. One is that everyone is different, and two is that some things are applicable in nearly every situation.

For instance, men and women are opposites and do attract each other. But opposites in everyday life will never work as a relationship. Even a friendship needs shared interests. A long term relationship intended to last a lifetime needs much more shared than a friendship that may or may not last.

The differences between men and women are in many was opposite to the other, but they aren’t in opposition to each other, rather they compliment each other. But that complimenting only comes when a shared need is accepted and embraced.

Take the bird and trees. They couldn’t be more different, one is rooted in the ground, one flies above it. But they share a life together so fully that we cannot imagine one without the other. I think if we find the one that balances us in the opposite/shared we will live like the birds and trees.

Male/female, dark/light, heat/cold, all are opposites, but without both in balance we wouldn’t have life. It’s in the balance where the sharing comes in, the give and take that is required for two opposites to coexist.

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