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Perpetual creation? Part 6 balance



Four-rocks-balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m no sage when it comes to balance, but there are some things that are obvious to me.


Balance is impossible for the human mind to grasp in its entirety. But it can be understood when looked at simply.


I believe that is how all of creation is. A complexity so deep and thorough we can never grasp it entirely. But we can learn to understand it by looking at it simply.


We can cover huge swaths of complexities by making correlations of opposites, understanding a balance must be made. Light and dark, hot and cold, life and death, living and surviving, peace and war, woman and man, fliers and crawlers.


The heart and mind together dictate what comes out of our mouths in our words. It is a balance that shows who we are. Be it lies, truth, anger, love, confusion, clarity, it is a reflection of what is balanced between the mind and heart.


But balance is more than just opposites. More than just opposites and attractants.


A man and a woman are opposites genetically. But when joined in spirit, they become one, this requires some similarities, and some opposites. But balance is more than just this.


Although when a man and woman join together, not on paper, not with words, but with a feeling beyond description or full understanding, many things play on each other to create a balance where the two are more than each could ever be separate.


The earth rotating in space is much more than spin, just like a joining of a man and woman is much more than signing a paper or saying some words.


I cannot fully describe what I see in regards to the balance needed for the earth to spin, quite frankly because I don’t understand it all myself, but also because describing only what I do know is a long conversation.


But for the purpose of this blog, I’ll mention certain things. For instance, mountains, deserts, oceans, magma, all are only a portion of the balance. We all understand weight distribution in regards to balance, a child playing with a top learns this.


What isn’t thoroughly discussed in the science I have read, is the energy distribution. Some is mentioned in as far as magnetic fields, but that is just one aspect of the energy in play.


The life of every living thing on the earth contributes to the balance and the spin. Each species of every life form contributes in their own way, the less diversity there is, the less harmony there is.


Consider trying to play a symphony, needing every instrument of an orchestra, but only having a kazoo, harmonica, and pot and spoon.


You wouldn’t get the music you intend, not even close. The same is going on now. The mother has a beautiful music all her own, more beautiful than any music we can make. But because of our destruction, she is in disharmony.


As soon as we are conceived, we are placed in a balanced circle. Each of us has a specific note, played in tune or out. We are meant to be one instrument in an orchestra, an individual in a tribe. But each orchestra needs a song and a conductor. A tribal way, and a chief.


Imagine if you took lines from bach, Mozart, Mahler, and called it fur Elise. It would be a lie, and an insult to an artist. Or if tried playing rap, country, jazz, classical, pop, r&b, all at once. It would be discord. It wouldn’t be distinctive, and couldn’t be appreciated by each person that appreciated each type of music.


That is what has been done, and is being done with the old ways all over the world. It takes something away from the music each tribe played, and it removes the harmony of living.


More later.


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