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Perpetual creation? Part 1 energy


Another discussion a brother and I were having, where I shared my view of creation as perpetual motion in an open system.

I know it sounds like I was trying to use science to base my viewpoint, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth, I only used perpetual motion as a description for a larger picture.

To clarify, I’m using the definition of perpetual motion in the context of both and neither definitions.

Basically an open system that sustains itself, but also a transfer of energy in and out as to seem endless or continual to a certain perspective, that actually is continual. If you are lost already, I’m not surprised, and I will try to explain in a way that makes sense to others.

Do you consider the only fuel for your life the food you eat, if so, why?

Everything has a limited amount of energy, and to continue operation, we need to introduce fuel, for the body that is food, but what about the heart, or the mind?

Everything is connected is some way, why would we exclude the heart/mind/body from that connection?

They are in fact so connected as to effect the function of the other. The heart depressed will bring the mind and body down with it. The mind worried will make the heart fear, and the body shake. So on and so on, one always effects the other.

If you break down the body to the very “building blocks” it is energy.

So what is the mind, and the heart? This I do not know in a way I can describe, but I will try and share what I see.

The mind can be shared, so can the heart, telepathy and empathy are the words used today.

Tele pathy from the Greek meaning, Far off suffering or feeling, not really accurate to say “mental communication” is it? But it is interesting to wonder if the Greeks considered emotions to come from the mind.

Em pathy From the Greek meaning inside suffering or feeling. So maybe they didn’t think emotions came from the mind, now I’m confused.

Anyway, mind language, and heart language, we’ll go with that for the sake of clarity.

In my experience few people realize just how much everyone talks with their mind and their heart.

We recognize body language, why not heart and mind language?

From my experience people get worried, and feel violated when they realize they transmit their thoughts.

My experience also shows me that if everyone heard the heart language, they would break. The enormity of the suffering, darkness, rudeness, etc. that is ever increasing is a heavy weight to carry all the time. Most people don’t want to recognize this now, and they surely wouldn’t want to feel all of it.

But enough of that tangent, back to languages. The mind, heart and body “speak” to each other constantly. They are one of a whole, no matter how much we may try and suppress one or the other.

In this “speaking” energy is shared, if you have ever seen the old Celtic trinity, it’s like that, ever flowing. This symbol is much older than the Christianity that adopted it to assimilate, and it is rooted in every white person from that land.


My people, and many other first nations, use the medicine wheel, I will not say all, because I do not know that for sure.


We see four, celtics saw three, but there is a shared knowledge of the mind heart body between the two.

Anyway, this sharing of language and energy, is not limited to what makes up humans. This same circle is in all life, formed different ways for the place in the circle, but it is still there.

A tree speaks in these, as does the bird that lives in it, or the rabbit that makes the home in its roots, or the grass that grows at it’s feet, or the mother it sets it’s roots into. All speak these three languages, besides their own particular language.

Everything we interact with shares this language with us, and we with it.

Selective hearing is a perfect description of what I see. A man that does not respect his woman, will not give her his ear, and listen to her when she needs to talk through what is troubling her. The exact same thing has happened between humans and all the nations around us. For some they still respect, and they still listen, but the full communication has been forgotten over time.

We Cherokee have stories that include lines of long ago when the animals spoke with us. This is not a myth, a fantasy story, or just a story to entertain children. It is a story to remind us of what was, how we lost this I don’t know, someone might, but I don’t.

Anyway, this language is an energy, like our voice travels on waves of sound, so do these languages travel on waves of other forms of energy.

As far as my understanding goes, there are multiple layers overlapping each other that we exist in. The mind would be one, the heart another, the body another, yet another is life.

The best analogy for this I have seen so far, is sunlight shining through glass, crystal, diamond, water, the atmosphere, etc. Where the light containing many waves of light is separated into different colors. A door to a house with designs and beveled glass will throw rainbows for example. We see the sunlight as a whole, not all the different colors. But the sunlight shines in all these colors at once to our eyes, and we do not see the layers of light separated. For some reason I’m like a prism.


I don’t know another way to describe this, but there is a “balance energy” that flows into, through, around, all things. Life and death flow intermingled within this. So do masculine and feminine. Positive and negative.

This flows through us, and within us is a “circle with two halves” positive and negative. When we are happy or angry, we produce and access this balance energy. Whichever we take into our heart, we share with others, happy or angry. It flows into us like a river, and out like “liquid spheres”.

Everything feels and reacts to these spheres we send out. Watch a child when you are angry, but silent, an animal when you are afraid or willing to kill, all around you when you are filled with peace.

The environment around you isn’t dependent on actions alone, but thoughts, and feelings.

When I lay on a grassy hill, close my eyes, let my body relax into the grass, forget the rocks that I am laying on, listen to the wind flowing through the blades of grass, the birds in the trees, I find a calm.

When I keep this going, I focus on the peaceful feeling inside me, I let all the troubles, worries, stress, noises, go away.

When you calm yourself, find that peace in your own heart, and let it become all you are, these languages begin to get loud enough you can hear.

I thank the grass for its softness, the wind for its gentle touch, the birds for their beautiful songs, and I thank creator for making it all.

Here is a link to one story of long ago and languages.
It cannot become a contest, something to win, or an achievement. You cannot worry about not doing it right, you cannot try to hear these things.

The only way that has ever worked for me, is to not think about it, not try to do anything, just let the peace flow through me. Appreciate the place I am in, and the beauty in nature around me.


These two are sine waves. Sound, ripples on a pond, follow this pattern, but also so does the atmosphere.



This, is a diagram of air flows and currents around the earth. Imagine a coil like the one below running north to south around the earth. See the dots and Xs on the coil? Put them alternately in line and compare them to this diagram, and you can see one circle turning the other.


This is a magnetic field around a coil. Notice the circular fields at the curves of the coil. Stretch this coil out, to look more like a sine wave, less compressed basically.


This diagram shows more detail about the circular nature of the atmosphere. Which is easily evident simply by watching clouds and paying attention to winds.


This is a diagram of a hurricane, notice the same circular pattern in the clouds, that was described in the earth diagram, third from the top.


This is a diagram of the Parker spiral the magnetic field of the sun produces. Consider this same process conceptually coming from the earth, making waves of energy resulting in the alternating circular winds in the third diagram.


This is an artist rendering of our galaxy. I often wonder about these “glowing center” renderings, if we can see stars so far away, how is it we never see this glowing center? I used this to show the placement of the earth, but also to show the arms of the galaxy. Compare this rendering to the diagram of the hurricane, and remember how the winds turn.


This shows the solar plane in relation to the galactic plane. Notice it is nearly 90 degrees. As the spiral arm of the galaxy turn, just like in a hurricane, it carries the earth around with it, and the circular nature of the galaxy being just like that of a hurricane, sets the planets spinning.

When I began to learn about this energy I see and feel, I was taught to track it. How and where it began, when it changed, how it was the same and different than other things in creation.

I’ve already said energy for the body comes from the food we eat, and that was the first example I was taught. To understand how something tangible for everyone worked, it would help me to understand the things selective to me.

More on this in living…

Just like our bodies have an energy, so do plants and animals. When we eat these things, we also consume an energy. We know about the nutrients, but few know about the energy consumed also.

If what we eat is corrupted, be it pesticides, genetic restructuring, various chemicals from the water, the plant or animal is in turn corrupted, and the nutrients and energy we eat are in turn corrupted.

Corrupting the body weakens it, allowing diseases that would normally be dealt with to take hold. It also lowers our tolerance of the mind and heart. We become more impatient, less flexible, less adaptable, quicker to anger, slower to compassion.

Those are also an energy produced. Our bodily fuel and fitness depends on how well the energy from the mind and heart are transmitted. In electronics, if you have poor quality parts the transmissions and receptions will be degraded. It is the same basic concept in the body, it is simply a living technology, instead of one built of dead separated and transformed things.

Fire flickers at a certain frequency depending on its fuel. An experiment was done at stone henge and another at a stone henge replica in Washington, testing the effects of drums reverberating within the stone enclosure.

It is known that a steady tone repeated will effect the beat of our heart. It is also known that sound waves at a certain frequency change the wave patterns in our brains.

It is known that alpha waves at certain frequencies alter what we perceive. That certain people who have claimed certain extra senses have varied wave patterns in their brains.

Plug up an AC adapter to a wall plug but leave it detached from a charging source, can you hear the high pitched whine coming from it?

It is known that electricity generating stations emit an electro magnetic field at such strength that it can cause “hallucinations”.

What do you think the blanket of electro-magnetic energy caused by all the electricity we produce causes?

I have read about chakras, acupuncture, and the like. I have experienced acupuncture and it works, though I knew it would if done properly, as I see the energy points they describe, and know a bit about how they work.

I see “fire spots” in the bodies energy system, and I see them elsewhere some seem to be described much like the chakras are, but I will not use those terms because I do not follow that way, and have no idea of their teachings and what they mean. So I will call it like I see it.

Fire spots I guess could also be described as sun spots, as they are round, very bright, and warm. I call them fire spots because you can look at some fire, depending on the intensity, of course the sun is fire, so it’s a bit of apples and oranges.

Also because when a person is weak, they resemble embers or coals. The sun as we see it, only sets and comes again. That weakness can come from many sources. Stress, diet, lack of enough fuel, among a few.

Like a fire, when the fuel is used up, the fire dies. But if fuel is continually added, the fire will stay lit. Or like a storm, fuel or lack of fuel.

This is an ultraviolet picture of spicules swaying in alfvenic waves on the sun.

Notice the similarities between these two?

If one of these eruptions caused a small mass of liquid from the sun (about the size of the earth there) to separate, and it being liquid made a sphere in space as liquid does, then as it distanced itself from the sun it cooled, a crust would be made on the outside.

Notice the similarities in magnetic fields?


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