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Perpetual creation? Part 2 life


In part one energy, I spoke of languages. I wanted to start this part off expanding on that just a bit. As there may be some if not many who are wondering if this is true.

The mind and heart speak in the same fashion your mouth does. If you are excited in a certain way, you get louder, be it angry, surprised, joyful, etc. The faster your energy pulses, the louder you get. The same is true with the mind and heart, they are connected remember?

Have you ever felt like “someone” was thinking about you? They were, and that’s communication. It’s not some mystical thing, some magic, it’s a communication, just like speaking. And just like we learn to speak our languages when we are very young, we also don’t learn to speak languages.

We all experience this to one degree or another. Most I have known, just get the hints here or there like someone is thinking of them, some hear a little more, but hide from it because they think it might be the beginning of schizophrenia. Others, like me, hear it so clearly when they are young they learn that it is something that cannot be mistaken. If they are also like me, they learn that others don’t accept this, or understand it, and try to put it in a “safe” place for them. Years ago it was insuline and electric shock, now it’s heavy medication and institutions. Luckily, I learned early that this was so, and figured out ways to hide it. Though at times, I would slip, and ask someone what they said. It is becoming something of a new age fad to tout the psychics, speaking with the other world and such, and so it is not so feared as it once was. But because of those very same things, it is becoming distorted and misunderstood. Leading people to be tricked. A toy of con artists to rake in the dough. Pitiful really when it began by people trying to understand a natural form of communication.

When you are angry, and you allow that emotion to flow freely, and you allow your thoughts to flow freely along with the emotion, leading from one reason to another for you to stay angry, the longer you are in this excited state, the harder it is to keep your voice down. Think about an angry child and how they will stomp out of a room. They are speaking with their feet instead of their mouths, but they are still shouting. Or when someone slams a door, same difference.

In my experience the heart will almost always shout first, then the mind, then the body.

The calmer you are, the gentler, kinder, more peaceful you are, the quieter you are. There are some I hardly ever hear.Two Elders I know by proxy come to mind.

So for those of you out there worried about your privacy, calm down, keep yourself peaceful and you won’t shout anymore.

Now, to the focus of this part. Life. Germanic origin meaning body.

What is life? Is it something that breaths, eats, dies, feels, laughs, cries? What about spirits? Are they alive? If so, then what is life? If not, then what are they?

Life for me goes beyond a living organism as it’s understood in main stream society. To me, wind is living, water is living, rocks are living, the sun is living, the earth is living.

Compared to us, how small are the bacteria in our intestines, the mites that eat our dead skin? Compared to the earth, how small are we? Compared to our galaxy, how small is the earth? Compared to the universe, how small is our galaxy? I’d really like to see a comparison ratio with that context.

If you consider the earth as a living being, and consider from her perspective, we are micro organisms. Kinda like skin mites. And if you are like a skin mite, how gross is a skin mite? If a skin mite is gross, how gross are you? Think about it.

Think about this, when the temperature outside our bodies gets to a certain degree, we sweat. Tiny drops of liquid come to our surface, and evaporate. When the sun raises the temperature of the air, what does the earth do? Tiny drops of liquid come to the surface and evaporate.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes, each has it’s place, each has a role to play, and each has a place it’s supposed to live to maintain a balance.

Vegitarians will say they will not eat meat because they don’t want to kill to eat. I have never understood this. From what I see corn kernels are seeds, planted in the mother will grow old and die of old age, unless they are killed before their time. Could be floods, hurricanes, tornados, raccoons, worms, or humans. I see no difference in the cycle of a human.

Let me explain a bit. What does corn eat? Nutrients from the soil right? How do those get there? Something dies right? Well it could be worm poop. So go a few steps, For corn to live, something has to die, then decay, and spread nutrients into the soil. How many of our grandparents ate crops fertilized by battlefields? A farmer in Tennessee was plowing a field and came upon a burial ground, his family ate crops from ground fertilized by my ancestors.

People eat frogs, frogs eat flies, among other things flies hatch from dead bodies. No doubt death is a part of life. Death begins a circle that allows life to exist. But without the beginning of life, there would be no death.

Take the cicadas that every seven years come out of the ground only to lay their eggs in the tree, and die. A closed circle? To me yes and no. If the cicada lays eggs in the tree, how do the eggs get into the ground? I’m pretty sure they work out of the tree like splinters work out of our skin. When they die they fertilize the tree, paying it back for protecting their eggs, and seeding them to make a new generation. But the tree is not the only thing that eats the cicada, everything from turtles to squirrels eat them, so the cicadas become part of all those other circles. So what do cicadas eat? This i dont know, but would love insight on this if someone would be so kind.

If they fall from the tree to the ground, how do they get underground? The tree drops its leaves every year, fungus eats the leaves, makes mulch along with bark etc. etc. beetles eat the mulch, as do grubs, etc. etc. they poop, it mixes with dust from broken down rocks, carried in by a flood maybe? Squirrels dig for nuts, armadillos, raccoons, birds, etc. etc. more mulch, so on and so on, for seven years, then the circle starts again. How many of the eggs are eaten by woodpeckers, who looking for nesting, push the protected eggs that were pushed out of the tree, into the dirt? One life cycle in making new life, and dying, effects and is a part of every other cycle around it. Wheels within, connecting, and turning other wheels, that turn the wheel that turned them, and others, so on and so on. And all of this around one tree, that is a tiny hair on a world, that is a child to a sun, that is a tiny dot in a galaxy, that is a tiny speck in a universe.


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