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Where do the roots of your personality lie? Think of your actions, your emotions, your thoughts. Where do they originate? Think of the choices you have made, why you made them.

Were all your choices what you picked up in society, what you were taught by your parents, what you learned through your own experiences, or was there more to them than all these?

Certainly much we think comes from what we are taught, either by our environment, or our experiences. But what about what we feel?

An infant can be happy, sad, angry, jealous, mischievous, tricky, playful, content, worried, awestruck, confused, loving.

An infant or a child will many times cry if around or picked up by someone with a bad heart, but will calm and sleep if around someone with a good heart, how do they know?

The heart can be bright, or it can be dark. A half moon if measured by the amount that is lit by the sun. All the phases of the moon are measured by the amount lit, no light is considered no moon.

Why didn’t the tribes all over the world measure by the darkness of the moon?

Why did the various people make ceremonies and/or prayers based on the sunrise?

Why is our sleep naturally aligned with the light of day, instead of the dark of night?

Why do our eyes measure the light of day, instead of infrared?

Why do our bodies respond negatively to darkness of the heart?

Why will people spend so much time making excuses for harm they bring to others?

Why will people convince themselves that something is good for them, that it makes them happy?

Where are your people from, what did the world we see mean to them?

Why must everyone be Christian, why can’t they be something else?

Why must any new thing come from an old one?

Why can’t a beginning BE a beginning, instead of an extension or adjustment of what is currently?

Why do so many see a mask, and think it’s change?

Why can’t babies teach adults how to change?

Why are babies considered ignorant when they know when they are happy and when they aren’t?

Why do academics respect the sacredness of a wife, but ignore the sacredness of our ways?

Why is a spousal union worthy of more law than the happiness of that union?

Why is growing old scary to the point of hiding it?

Why are rotten grapes better when aged, yet people are worse when aged?

Why is old age past the prime of life, instead of BEING the prime of life?

Why does a seed grow into a tree, yet a baby grows away from the knowledge they were born with?

If we have to collect knowledge through the years for our minds to understand, how is it the heart knows? Where is the heart rooted? Where is YOUR heart rooted? In the darkness, or in the light?

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