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“A truth commission or truth and reconciliation commission is a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a government (or, depending on the circumstances, non-state actors also), in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past. They are, under various names, occasionally set up by states emerging from periods of internal unrest, civil war, or dictatorship. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, established by President Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu after apartheid, is popularly considered a model of truth commissions.”   Wikipedia

I’d like to see a completely independent truth commission tasked with discovering, and presenting anything relevant to AIM, WK2, Leonard Peltier, and the government.

A commission with full access to all related materials and the ability to hold any who obstruct their effort in contempt and criminally liable.

Also with the authority to subpoena-though I’m not sure how that would work as by…

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