So well written, I wish I could write as well.
Another speaking up about the reality of things as they see it.

I agree that it’s so easy to fall into a statistic, and lose sight of what you have around you.
I love this part the most, little ones and their insights.
“Then my youngest son said something that struck a chord. “How come life on the rez is normal until reporters come along, and then everyone gets sad faces to tell them how bad it sucks here?”

I said “Well it does suck. We are poor.”

He said “I would rather be poor, than live somewhere else.”

And I thought about it. He was right.

We do have horrible statistics, but there is a beautiful simplicity in our lives on the rez. When you can sit with your father around a fire while he cooks a pot of soup over the fire, eat the soup and be content with just soup and talk into the night while the stars twinkle on the prairie sky and your laughter echoes around you, that is what life is about right there. “

Just A Rez Chick

I’m just nervy to be writing this. I am on a deadline to write for my only paying writing job, but as a writer sometimes something gets you in the gut and the heart. Makes you start feeling around for that pen, or for your phone with the handy WordPress app. Someone once asked me how I can write. They said they can relate to what I say but they can’t put it down like that. I told them- If you have a heart and a pen you can write. Or like Hemingway said, Open a vein and start typing, or whatever. I mean J.K. Rowling brought Harry Potter to life with an ink pen and a napkin.

But there are certain things I will write about at the drop of a dime, no matter.

One of these things I feel that passionately about are my people. I live in…

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