Lots of names thrown around here, so much for Peltier being a leader of AIM.

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I’m sure there are those who read this before but I’ve elected to blog it for a couple of reasons-one is the accusations that flew back and forthbetween Russell Means and Vernon and the other is the references made to Peltier.

In particular the statement that he had a lot to do with the murder of Annie Mae -I don’t take that to mean an actual hand in it  but as a contributing factor following his boasting to Annie and Kamook that he did shoot at least of the agents at Jumping Bull.

That in itself may not have been enough to issue the AIM fatwah -but coupled together with other knowledge she had may well have been the straw that broke the camels back. Either way here once again we see Peltier being spoken of as little more than a halfwit, an idiot and a psychopath-a…

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