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This part of the FOI’s serialization I suspect will be a mixed bag for the Peltierites -some points they will seize upon while electing  to ignore or denounce others with the usual denial and vitriol-as such I will  begin by pointing out what should be a few obvious facts.

Nowhere in this or pt.2 is a single mention of a belief of innocence, that could be an omission though, an oversight-to the contrary statements made carry an implication that those making them don’t necessarily believe Peltier is-and other motivations for taking up the “cause” such as uranium and world injustices may speak to that as well.

So let’s examine this perception of injustice-it is an expressed opinion of judicial error or constitutional violation made by counsel, not a proven fact-furthermore no declaration of innocence is attached to it.

There is a mechanism in place when such an opinion arises-and…

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