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Been thinking about Peltier and all that has transpired over the years-the questions raised, the accusations, the name calling, and the conspiracy theories that abound.

So I’ve decided to address some of these things in a serialized manner, with this being the first installment.

Of interest to me is how things float around the net-snippets of information, conspiracy tales, and outright lies-all presented as absolute truths, and often enough ignore anything that is contrary.

Navigating through them can be as perilous as walking through a  cow pasture at night-you never know what you might step into.

Some of the more mysterious are vague references to Peltier’s prison disciplinary record-some spoken of in hushed tones-not the ones LPDOC eagerly releases as paraphrased accounts that are always accompanied by assertions that his “religious” items were either disrespected or tossed about, or that he is at deaths door unless immediate action is taken-both…

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