Perpetual creation? Part 7 perpetuity


Perpetuity, from latin Perpetuus, remain in existence or operation in every part of (a place or object).

Would you consider air to be an energy? Neither would I. But would you think that air HAS energy? How could you not?

If air can move matter, then according to science, it has to have an energy of some kind. Some would argue that air is just gases, and it is the wind that moves solids, but it is all matter. That would be true to an extent, but its not the full description or understanding.

When we speak, sound travels from us to objects through air. Wind blowing can change or deafen that traversing of sound waves. So, is wind what is blocking it, is it the wind moving the air causing the sound to change?

What is wind, how is it generated, why can it spring up? Some will say wind is produced by the moon pulling on the oceans, that is incorrect.

Why do winds travel different directions north or south of the equator? The current scientific theory is that it is perception, that is wrong. What about the perception from the equator.

A hurricane is not made from perception, neither does a toilet flush by perception. Understanding this, we understand ourselves, and the galaxy we live in.

Is there a black hole in the center of a hurricane? Then why do scientists assume there is a black hole in the center of the galaxy? Is there a black hole in us? There is a saying to “find your center” is to go calm, like the center of a hurricane, or the center of the galaxy.

The truth and the answers are replicated from the smallest to the largest, over and over, so we can see the similarities in the vast differences. If we ever get to the point where we find peace with each other, which requires seeing the similarities in the vast differences, then we will get to the point where we find peace in our environment.

Creator didn’t just make one thing and move on to the next. The entirety of creation is beautiful in every way, even the conceptualization of it is a work of art so interwoven, complex, and simple, it boggles the mind.

Creator made things to show us other things far bigger than we are, and those things show us tiny parts of ourselves.

The hurricane is the galaxy, but the making of the hurricane is the battle inside us all.

The cold and the warm, wind and water, mixing together, is the same as the dark and light in us. Each has it’s place, and without proper balance will create great destruction, just like the hurricanes are doing now.

Protect and provide, that is the corral that the darkness must be kept to. When someone comes to kill or greatly harm, they must be removed so they cannot hurt again. This removing is a darkness, but it is a needed one. Taking another life is not a light thing, it should weigh heavy on our hearts. But when kept strictly in the boundaries of protect and provide only, it is giving a place in the circle of balance.

My teaching has taught my eyes to see that from the smallest molecule, to the largest galaxy, creator made in each thing a way for every life to know themselves.

We can see our social structures in ants, baboons, wolves, eagles, trees, grasses, buffalo, fish, whales, hurricanes, solar systems, and each other.

But also, the ants, baboons, wolves, eagles, trees, grasses, buffalo, etc. see parts of themselves in us as well. They just haven’t forgotten their place in the circle like so many of us have.

They learn from us still, this can be evidenced all the time if we choose to see it.

My teaching has shown the lack of self center, and the awe of creator center.

Creator did not make just man in its own image, but everything. We are all related to creator and each other.

The perpetuity, is in the little ones and what we teach them.

Species of squid never interact with their little ones, other than to provide the first meal, yet in their genes they pass on all the knowledge the little ones need to survive.

Consider now an absentee mother or father. What do they pass on to their little ones other than pain? What lesson can we learn from the squid that is so very different from us?

Consider also all the little ones, from every living thing, what is passed along to them?

Life itself is perpetuity, but in order for life to sustain, there has to be the full circle. A bowl full of holes will not hold water, neither will the circle we are placed in continue without the full circle. We have to have the insects, molds, fungus, snakes, rats, carrion birds, bone eaters, to make the land fertile enough for us to receive food from it.

For us to perpetuate, we have to allow others to as well.

If mankind dies out, it will not be from the earth striking back, she knows how the circle works. She can make safe havens so small as to sustain what is needed, but not enough for mankind to live.

We will have no place to point the finger but at ourselves, because we are the masters of our own fates, we are the captains of our souls. We are here as a tiny speck in a huge continuing circle. That circle is made to protect and provide, if we step out of that circle, we are on our own.

And merely perpetuating the species, that’s just survival. It’s not living, living is being part of the perpetuation in all aspects.

We cannot think ourselves so grand as to believe that we are above death for food. No one wants to lose a loved one. But knowing the love, is what makes the loss so strong. The stronger the love, the stronger the loss.

We accept the loss of a soldier in war, why is it so hard to accept a loss for something as essential as food?

More later…


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One thought on “Perpetual creation? Part 7 perpetuity

  1. You’ve been putting up some thought provoking words dealing with creation,life, death, balance,
    and others aspects.
    In that context I would like to add a link to the below petition site, as it too is about such matters
    and would encourage all to sign it as you have.

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