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Perpetual creation? Part 7 perpetuity


Perpetuity, from latin Perpetuus, remain in existence or operation in every part of (a place or object).

Would you consider air to be an energy? Neither would I. But would you think that air HAS energy? How could you not?

If air can move matter, then according to science, it has to have an energy of some kind. Some would argue that air is just gases, and it is the wind that moves solids, but it is all matter. That would be true to an extent, but its not the full description or understanding.

When we speak, sound travels from us to objects through air. Wind blowing can change or deafen that traversing of sound waves. So, is wind what is blocking it, is it the wind moving the air causing the sound to change?

What is wind, how is it generated, why can it spring up? Some will say wind is produced by the moon pulling on the oceans, that is incorrect.

Why do winds travel different directions north or south of the equator? The current scientific theory is that it is perception, that is wrong. What about the perception from the equator.

A hurricane is not made from perception, neither does a toilet flush by perception. Understanding this, we understand ourselves, and the galaxy we live in.

Is there a black hole in the center of a hurricane? Then why do scientists assume there is a black hole in the center of the galaxy? Is there a black hole in us? There is a saying to “find your center” is to go calm, like the center of a hurricane, or the center of the galaxy.

The truth and the answers are replicated from the smallest to the largest, over and over, so we can see the similarities in the vast differences. If we ever get to the point where we find peace with each other, which requires seeing the similarities in the vast differences, then we will get to the point where we find peace in our environment.

Creator didn’t just make one thing and move on to the next. The entirety of creation is beautiful in every way, even the conceptualization of it is a work of art so interwoven, complex, and simple, it boggles the mind.

Creator made things to show us other things far bigger than we are, and those things show us tiny parts of ourselves.

The hurricane is the galaxy, but the making of the hurricane is the battle inside us all.

The cold and the warm, wind and water, mixing together, is the same as the dark and light in us. Each has it’s place, and without proper balance will create great destruction, just like the hurricanes are doing now.

Protect and provide, that is the corral that the darkness must be kept to. When someone comes to kill or greatly harm, they must be removed so they cannot hurt again. This removing is a darkness, but it is a needed one. Taking another life is not a light thing, it should weigh heavy on our hearts. But when kept strictly in the boundaries of protect and provide only, it is giving a place in the circle of balance.

My teaching has taught my eyes to see that from the smallest molecule, to the largest galaxy, creator made in each thing a way for every life to know themselves.

We can see our social structures in ants, baboons, wolves, eagles, trees, grasses, buffalo, fish, whales, hurricanes, solar systems, and each other.

But also, the ants, baboons, wolves, eagles, trees, grasses, buffalo, etc. see parts of themselves in us as well. They just haven’t forgotten their place in the circle like so many of us have.

They learn from us still, this can be evidenced all the time if we choose to see it.

My teaching has shown the lack of self center, and the awe of creator center.

Creator did not make just man in its own image, but everything. We are all related to creator and each other.

The perpetuity, is in the little ones and what we teach them.

Species of squid never interact with their little ones, other than to provide the first meal, yet in their genes they pass on all the knowledge the little ones need to survive.

Consider now an absentee mother or father. What do they pass on to their little ones other than pain? What lesson can we learn from the squid that is so very different from us?

Consider also all the little ones, from every living thing, what is passed along to them?

Life itself is perpetuity, but in order for life to sustain, there has to be the full circle. A bowl full of holes will not hold water, neither will the circle we are placed in continue without the full circle. We have to have the insects, molds, fungus, snakes, rats, carrion birds, bone eaters, to make the land fertile enough for us to receive food from it.

For us to perpetuate, we have to allow others to as well.

If mankind dies out, it will not be from the earth striking back, she knows how the circle works. She can make safe havens so small as to sustain what is needed, but not enough for mankind to live.

We will have no place to point the finger but at ourselves, because we are the masters of our own fates, we are the captains of our souls. We are here as a tiny speck in a huge continuing circle. That circle is made to protect and provide, if we step out of that circle, we are on our own.

And merely perpetuating the species, that’s just survival. It’s not living, living is being part of the perpetuation in all aspects.

We cannot think ourselves so grand as to believe that we are above death for food. No one wants to lose a loved one. But knowing the love, is what makes the loss so strong. The stronger the love, the stronger the loss.

We accept the loss of a soldier in war, why is it so hard to accept a loss for something as essential as food?

More later…


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Perpetual creation? Part 5 death


In my observances and discussions throughout my, so far, short life, I’ve come across many different beliefs and explanations of what happens when we die. From nothing to everything.

It is not my intention for this post to go into what lies beyond this life. I have talked to many people who have had near death experiences. I have been lucky enough to speak with people who were clinically dead and came back. I have been at the door of death myself, and have carried on discussions with those who have already gone.

What I have learned is no straight answers. There are similarities and great differences. But I think that is the answer in itself.

We are all individuals, we group together or pull apart based on our individualities. This individuality is where the differences stem.

This society in America is known for mass production. It even tries to mass produce a society. But you can’t change how we are made. We will always be individual. No matter how much time and effort is put into mass producing a culture, it will not fully eventuate. It can’t because in order for humans to exist, they have to be different. That is part of living, but also a part of surviving, and it is the core of life itself.

Americans are beginning to understand the imbalance created by the destruction of species variations. Yet so many fail to grasp that lack of variations in human societies is just as destructive.

The ones behind this current society want the lack of individuality, for the purpose of control.

If you’ve ever played the board game called risk, imagine a million players with vast variations that need to be figured in. Instead, if you have twenty opponents with slight variations, but who are very similar, it’s much easier to control the board, to know what all your opponents are doing all at once.

All their work, thousands of years of work to control the board, and in turn dominate, is all for naught. This isn’t a belief of mine, it is a knowing, through knowing people, and how vastly different they are. Knowing that a thousand years of learning will not come close to knowing people in all their complexities. A knowing that to try and control humanity is a death sentence for it.

One of the ways I see the world we life in, might be considered strange by many. I see that a requirement for life to live, is for life to be taken. As soon as a baby is created in the womb, it needs food. That food must come from the death of some living thing. Plant or animal, they both live, think feel, know, have societal structures, communities, friends, enemies.

I believe that as corn was given as a gift of food for the people, so were animals put into our circle to provide. In planting our corn, we enter into an age old agreement to protect and care for that plant, to carry the seed onto another generation, to keep it pure as a gift given. So do we also have a responsibility to hold to our agreements with the animals to provide for them a place they can call home, so they can carry their seed untainted to the next generation.

In this service to them, they provide for us a way to provide for our people, and pass our seed on to another generation untainted.

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. But just because this is a natural part of life does not mean it should be embraced. There is a required balance to all things.

When we look to respect all life, we seek to minimize our destruction to what is a requirement of life. A deer was made with just enough brains to tan its own hide, no more no less.

When we hunt for the food to feed the people, we enter into a responsibility to waste nothing. The life of the deer is a precious thing, but they are in our circle for food that we need to live healthy lives. So we must take this precious life, but in doing so, we can be responsible. We can keep them from being a sport, only take what we need, was is absolutely needed, no more, no less.

We can look for food that is given without a loss of life. Like fruits, nuts, seeds, grains.

Respect for life, even in the taking of it. The culture I was raised in would consider that an oxymoron. But in gathering the knowledge of the natures of various forms of life, in looking at our own natures and how they work with and against the natures of others, one can see our place in the circle. Listening to our own bodies, seeing what makes us healthier and sicker, we can see what we need. Hard work to a certain point is required to keep us fit. Hard work requires strong muscles. Strong muscles require certain nutrients. But there is more to the health of muscle than nutrients.

There is an energy in the muscle that requires fuel. Red meat for red meat. It’s a simple understanding that has been complicated to the point of ridiculousness.

Even my own people lost sight of this. When they began to take the lives of humans for food. Humans aren’t in the circle of food for humans. This is evidenced by the mind sickness that can come. We can eat the brains of many animals with no ill effect. But when we eat the human brain, our minds can get sick. This is a message in itself. The twisting of the knowledge given of what is good food, shows up in the twisting of the body.

The death that is required for our life was set into a balance. We cannot lose sight of that, or it will be to our detriment and that of the earth.


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Perpetual creation? Part 6 balance



Four-rocks-balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m no sage when it comes to balance, but there are some things that are obvious to me.


Balance is impossible for the human mind to grasp in its entirety. But it can be understood when looked at simply.


I believe that is how all of creation is. A complexity so deep and thorough we can never grasp it entirely. But we can learn to understand it by looking at it simply.


We can cover huge swaths of complexities by making correlations of opposites, understanding a balance must be made. Light and dark, hot and cold, life and death, living and surviving, peace and war, woman and man, fliers and crawlers.


The heart and mind together dictate what comes out of our mouths in our words. It is a balance that shows who we are. Be it lies, truth, anger, love, confusion, clarity, it is a reflection of what is balanced between the mind and heart.


But balance is more than just opposites. More than just opposites and attractants.


A man and a woman are opposites genetically. But when joined in spirit, they become one, this requires some similarities, and some opposites. But balance is more than just this.


Although when a man and woman join together, not on paper, not with words, but with a feeling beyond description or full understanding, many things play on each other to create a balance where the two are more than each could ever be separate.


The earth rotating in space is much more than spin, just like a joining of a man and woman is much more than signing a paper or saying some words.


I cannot fully describe what I see in regards to the balance needed for the earth to spin, quite frankly because I don’t understand it all myself, but also because describing only what I do know is a long conversation.


But for the purpose of this blog, I’ll mention certain things. For instance, mountains, deserts, oceans, magma, all are only a portion of the balance. We all understand weight distribution in regards to balance, a child playing with a top learns this.


What isn’t thoroughly discussed in the science I have read, is the energy distribution. Some is mentioned in as far as magnetic fields, but that is just one aspect of the energy in play.


The life of every living thing on the earth contributes to the balance and the spin. Each species of every life form contributes in their own way, the less diversity there is, the less harmony there is.


Consider trying to play a symphony, needing every instrument of an orchestra, but only having a kazoo, harmonica, and pot and spoon.


You wouldn’t get the music you intend, not even close. The same is going on now. The mother has a beautiful music all her own, more beautiful than any music we can make. But because of our destruction, she is in disharmony.


As soon as we are conceived, we are placed in a balanced circle. Each of us has a specific note, played in tune or out. We are meant to be one instrument in an orchestra, an individual in a tribe. But each orchestra needs a song and a conductor. A tribal way, and a chief.


Imagine if you took lines from bach, Mozart, Mahler, and called it fur Elise. It would be a lie, and an insult to an artist. Or if tried playing rap, country, jazz, classical, pop, r&b, all at once. It would be discord. It wouldn’t be distinctive, and couldn’t be appreciated by each person that appreciated each type of music.


That is what has been done, and is being done with the old ways all over the world. It takes something away from the music each tribe played, and it removes the harmony of living.


More later.


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