Perpetual creation? Part 2 life


In part one energy, I spoke of languages. I wanted to start this part off expanding on that just a bit. As there may be some if not many who are wondering if this is true.

The mind and heart speak in the same fashion your mouth does. If you are excited in a certain way, you get louder, be it angry, surprised, joyful, etc. The faster your energy pulses, the louder you get. The same is true with the mind and heart, they are connected remember?

Have you ever felt like “someone” was thinking about you? They were, and that’s communication. It’s not some mystical thing, some magic, it’s a communication, just like speaking. And just like we learn to speak our languages when we are very young, we also don’t learn to speak languages.

We all experience this to one degree or another. Most I have known, just get the hints here or there like someone is thinking of them, some hear a little more, but hide from it because they think it might be the beginning of schizophrenia. Others, like me, hear it so clearly when they are young they learn that it is something that cannot be mistaken. If they are also like me, they learn that others don’t accept this, or understand it, and try to put it in a “safe” place for them. Years ago it was insuline and electric shock, now it’s heavy medication and institutions. Luckily, I learned early that this was so, and figured out ways to hide it. Though at times, I would slip, and ask someone what they said. It is becoming something of a new age fad to tout the psychics, speaking with the other world and such, and so it is not so feared as it once was. But because of those very same things, it is becoming distorted and misunderstood. Leading people to be tricked. A toy of con artists to rake in the dough. Pitiful really when it began by people trying to understand a natural form of communication.

When you are angry, and you allow that emotion to flow freely, and you allow your thoughts to flow freely along with the emotion, leading from one reason to another for you to stay angry, the longer you are in this excited state, the harder it is to keep your voice down. Think about an angry child and how they will stomp out of a room. They are speaking with their feet instead of their mouths, but they are still shouting. Or when someone slams a door, same difference.

In my experience the heart will almost always shout first, then the mind, then the body.

The calmer you are, the gentler, kinder, more peaceful you are, the quieter you are. There are some I hardly ever hear.Two Elders I know by proxy come to mind.

So for those of you out there worried about your privacy, calm down, keep yourself peaceful and you won’t shout anymore.

Now, to the focus of this part. Life. Germanic origin meaning body.

What is life? Is it something that breaths, eats, dies, feels, laughs, cries? What about spirits? Are they alive? If so, then what is life? If not, then what are they?

Life for me goes beyond a living organism as it’s understood in main stream society. To me, wind is living, water is living, rocks are living, the sun is living, the earth is living.

Compared to us, how small are the bacteria in our intestines, the mites that eat our dead skin? Compared to the earth, how small are we? Compared to our galaxy, how small is the earth? Compared to the universe, how small is our galaxy? I’d really like to see a comparison ratio with that context.

If you consider the earth as a living being, and consider from her perspective, we are micro organisms. Kinda like skin mites. And if you are like a skin mite, how gross is a skin mite? If a skin mite is gross, how gross are you? Think about it.

Think about this, when the temperature outside our bodies gets to a certain degree, we sweat. Tiny drops of liquid come to our surface, and evaporate. When the sun raises the temperature of the air, what does the earth do? Tiny drops of liquid come to the surface and evaporate.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes, each has it’s place, each has a role to play, and each has a place it’s supposed to live to maintain a balance.

Vegitarians will say they will not eat meat because they don’t want to kill to eat. I have never understood this. From what I see corn kernels are seeds, planted in the mother will grow old and die of old age, unless they are killed before their time. Could be floods, hurricanes, tornados, raccoons, worms, or humans. I see no difference in the cycle of a human.

Let me explain a bit. What does corn eat? Nutrients from the soil right? How do those get there? Something dies right? Well it could be worm poop. So go a few steps, For corn to live, something has to die, then decay, and spread nutrients into the soil. How many of our grandparents ate crops fertilized by battlefields? A farmer in Tennessee was plowing a field and came upon a burial ground, his family ate crops from ground fertilized by my ancestors.

People eat frogs, frogs eat flies, among other things flies hatch from dead bodies. No doubt death is a part of life. Death begins a circle that allows life to exist. But without the beginning of life, there would be no death.

Take the cicadas that every seven years come out of the ground only to lay their eggs in the tree, and die. A closed circle? To me yes and no. If the cicada lays eggs in the tree, how do the eggs get into the ground? I’m pretty sure they work out of the tree like splinters work out of our skin. When they die they fertilize the tree, paying it back for protecting their eggs, and seeding them to make a new generation. But the tree is not the only thing that eats the cicada, everything from turtles to squirrels eat them, so the cicadas become part of all those other circles. So what do cicadas eat? This i dont know, but would love insight on this if someone would be so kind.

If they fall from the tree to the ground, how do they get underground? The tree drops its leaves every year, fungus eats the leaves, makes mulch along with bark etc. etc. beetles eat the mulch, as do grubs, etc. etc. they poop, it mixes with dust from broken down rocks, carried in by a flood maybe? Squirrels dig for nuts, armadillos, raccoons, birds, etc. etc. more mulch, so on and so on, for seven years, then the circle starts again. How many of the eggs are eaten by woodpeckers, who looking for nesting, push the protected eggs that were pushed out of the tree, into the dirt? One life cycle in making new life, and dying, effects and is a part of every other cycle around it. Wheels within, connecting, and turning other wheels, that turn the wheel that turned them, and others, so on and so on. And all of this around one tree, that is a tiny hair on a world, that is a child to a sun, that is a tiny dot in a galaxy, that is a tiny speck in a universe.


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10 thoughts on “Perpetual creation? Part 2 life

  1. Not to pile on vegans as that isn’t my intention, but I find it ironic that agriculture
    ultimately created a sense of ownership-of something to protect and something
    to covet as is the way of man, that led to aggression and wars-lot of death and
    dying in that.

    It tied people to a fixed location, and while no one cannot deny the benefits, they
    cannot deny the dependency it created as well. Agriculture, farming ,a “guaranteed”
    food source that communities sprang up around and necessitated defending.

    Anthropologists say that in the establishment of fixed communities resulting from
    agriculture lays the roots of what is referred to as civilization-in the context in
    which they say this I agree, but the greater question to me is that of the definition
    of civilization they employ. For I find little civil in civilization.

    What a person eats is a matter of right and choice, but to my way of thinking it
    doesn’t bestow an “innocence”. Anything that consumes and produces also
    destroys in some manner.

    Even the Jains are aware of this and make an allowance in the tenet of Ashima,
    or non violence, in saying that harm inflicted on any living thing can either be
    intentional or intentional but can be minimized due to the intent-that I guess allows
    them to consume, create, and destroy.

    Man is the apex predator, the apex consumer, and however anyone defines
    “energy”, cause and effect, creation and destruction, that remains the same,
    and in being so disrupts the balance of all things.

    • I believe there is a place for intentional harm, as in defending your family, land, etc. In that, when someone comes to cause harm, and the only way you know to get them to stop is hurting them or killing them, then it is justified. But I believe there is still a price even to that.

      Looking up the Jains, I agree with some of what they say, but not all. My personal belief is that living a totally happy life, is as imbalanced as living an entirely dark one. The new agers have that love and light saying, some i have met show happiness all the time, i don’t think that’s healthy.

      Because there will be pain and suffering, some of that comes from full love for someone. When a loved one dies, you mourn, and that is natural. If you were to only be happy they are gone, to me there’s something wrong there.

      You can be glad they are no longer suffering, but still miss them and mourn their passing, and go through that pain.

      Along that train of thought, to seek to not cause unintentional harm, would be to seek to have no one mourn for you. Intentions can have an unintentional effect.

      Or what about playing with a little one, unintentional harm comes from that, should we not play with our little ones to keep from causing unintentional harm?

      Many inaccuracies can come from an improper teaching. But that is their way, and their choice, and I respect that, I just don’t agree with it.

      I agree about the apex predator. There are things that can and do kill us for a reason. It helps keep everything balanced.

      I also feel that there is only so much energy for life on the earth. The more humans there are, the less of everything else there will be. I think living a natural based life requires certain checks in population. Without adhering to the natural order, you remove those checks, but you also remove yourself from the circle. And more and more become unnatural.

      The more unnatural the people are, the more people there will be, and less of everything else. Up to the point where unnatural actions result in lack of nature to sustain us, and the checks and balances kick back in.

      But that could also be a hopeful mindset, and we will go so far and kill everything, including the earth we need to survive.

  2. The Gaia principle as first introduced by James Lovelock
    addresses the manner in which Gaia, or the earth, composed
    of living matter functions as a self regulating organism
    to effect what is for humanity and life an habitable biosphere.

    Initially Lovelock was ridiculed by most in the scientific
    community, but I think that was due in part to the New Agers
    seizing on this and adding all manner of metaphsyical
    interpretations to the theory.

    The fact that the earth is seen as the mother and as a
    living organism has always been a part of the belief system
    of indigenous people-perhaps in this awareness we are more
    cognizant of the distress the earth is experiencing. We not
    only see the damage being done but hear the cries as well.

    It isn’t population per se that is the issue, as there are adequate
    resources presently to meet the needs of every person extant-the
    issue is greed, the control and manipulation of resources, and in the
    pursuit of profit and individual comfort an indifference
    to to the destruction beng produced.

    Distribution and balance is what is missing-allocating those things
    where they are needed-focusing on habitat and environment, and it
    is the controlled distribution based on profit and the lack of focus
    that are creating the problems.

    Going “green” as a business model, the standard for corporations,
    will only result when the last dollar has been wrung out fossil fuels
    and the same manipulation and control can be applied to alternative

    “Green” is the hot topic now, and for good reason-but there
    is a profit incentive for it as well.

    If the human race would view the earth as a mother and act
    accordingly major steps could be taken to reverse course.

    I think that the earth as the mother is quite capable of regeneration,
    and I think she has boundless energy, but even so only so many wounds
    can be suffered before a toll is extracted.

    Though there is a great emphasis placed on “natural” the reality
    is that fewer and fewer things are.

    None of us will make it through life without doing harm, but we
    should attempt to do as little as possible.

    • Had to look up the Gaia theory. It seems I have heard of it, but never delved into it very deeply. I know I have seen it used on some new age sites, with the regular twisting they do of course.

      Gaia coming from the Greek goddess for the earth mother, which was taken from the tribes they conquered when they migrated. The same goddess that was killed by her children in later Greek mythology. Interesting to me that the origins of the current society can be traced back to them, and we are killing our mother. Maybe not so much myth as reality.

      It seems sound to me, reading only the Wikipedia. Delving into it I may find points I disagree with. But it does explain scientifically the circles effecting other circles that I was talking about. Such as limestone largely is made up of what were originally sea creatures, some contribute to cloud formation.

      One can go to a mountainous area and look at the rocks and find many fossils of aquatic creatures, along with limestone, we know that those mountains used to be underwater. Knowing that we know that the earth changes significantly over time. Knowing that we have to prove that the land that is dug into to verify human habitation was there in its present form at the time of habitation.

      When you consider major floods washing away bones and other objects, animals removing them for food etc. , it becomes a much more difficult task to definitively say a certain people were a certain place. Add to that the incorporation of another tribes ways through interaction, the death of the original tribe for whatever reason, leaving the tribe that received the incorporation as the only tribe left, it makes it much more difficult.

      I’ve seen some models of there being enough resources for humans to live at the current number. But none of those models showed other life as well. They only accounted for enough food to SURVIVE, but they didn’t figure in how much land left alone is needed for LIVING. They also didn’t account for the variations in mindsets of various people trying to live together in such numbers, and the inevitable conflicts that arise from that.

      It is being said that the next evolution of food will be incorporating insects into our diet to account for the growth of population. My thoughts on that are how will the circles be effected if we make insects into what we have made deer, elk, buffalo, cows, sheep, goats, etc. ?

      The models I saw also didn’t account for the personal space everyone needs. Or the need to get back to nature.

      Models are only as good as the knowledge put into them. No one has the entire knowledge of what is needed for balance except the mother and the creator.

      You commented about we being able to hear the mother. Why can’t it be the same way with microorganisms? Except they actually listen, when so many humans don’t.

      Human mothers try and teach their little ones how to live in the environment they are in, and give them foreknowledge as best they can. They also seek to make the environment better for their little ones, and the ones to come.

      When we view the earth as the mother of us all, and consider her trying to teach us how to live in the environment she makes, then to not listen is rather foolish. We can see how hard a life people have who are not taught well, and/or do not listen to what they are taught. It only makes sense that if we do not listen to the earth as a mother, we will also have a hard life.

  3. “You commented about we being able to hear the mother. Why can’t it be the same way with microorganisms? Except they actually listen, when so many humans don’t.”

    Well if the earth is in effect an interactive biosphere I suppose one could say that
    the ability to “hear” exists on all levels-but in hearing and reacting some, most likely
    the new agers, would attempt to say this communication evolves from a spoken
    language replete with words-I seriously doubt that is the case.

    Models I have seen related to population and sustainability suggest there is more
    than adequate room and resources to support the present population and an increase-
    I’m not advocating for that-suggesting that if population continues to grow at it’s present
    rate management of all things essential will be necessary-and at some point a line
    will be crosses if it hasn’t been already.

    The problem with population control is the selectivity of it, and gives rise to a standard
    based on eugenics, Disease, drought and famine can be said to be arbiters of population
    growth-yet these are offset by advances in medicine, relief intervention and the like.

    All life has value and isn’t the domain of those who have wealth, position, status, or
    even health insurance-yet it is becoming exactly that-an acceptable “collateral damage”
    that those lacking these advantages are in some manner the victims of natural selection.

    People for whatever reason people seem inclined to congregate in “herds”-the concept of
    personal space in a city like New York, LA, Chicago, or any city of any size then becomes
    a matter of the residence-how big, how small, whether it has a yard or not-even the
    vehicles driven are defined as personal space.

    And I submit the majority of people feel no need to surrender the “convenience” of Malls,
    restaurants, theaters and the like.

    I remember once commenting about my lack of understanding how any could prefer
    city life, how any could be fearful of night in the woods, or get lost for that matter, and
    my mother responding that I should be thankful they want to live in cities as it left
    more room for me-makes sense to me and I am.

    Ultimately it is, as all things are, a matter of choice-the direction people choose to go
    and the lifestyle they would live, and that is their right. But as I’ve said better in doing
    so they make intelligent choices that look beyond there mere selves and live a life
    attempting to do as little harm as possible.

    Everything in modern life is contradictory to this-from the packaging of items and
    food we purchase to the vehicles we drive, the electronic gadgetry we surround ourselves
    with and the concept of disposability.

    Few if any elect to live the life of an ascetic in a cave eating berries and roots-humanity
    has become dependent. A snare has been set and people willingly, eagerly, step into it.

    The farm is the grocery store, clothing isn’t made ,it is purchased,
    and for the most part as a matter of fad and fashion- a “statement” is being made by
    some article of clothing made in a sweatshop on the other side of the world.

    Heat and illumination are purchased from a provider, and subject to being cut
    off in the dead of winter if a financial difficulty is encountered.

    Gadgetry to stand in line for-like the latest “smartphone”, ipad, or whatever-consumerism,
    the ultimate religion, the altar to kneel in front of and pay increasingly higher costs
    for the “energy” to produce and operate them.

    Yeah, it’s all about energy in every imaginable context-creation that may be constructive
    or destructive. But the real question is what is being created, and for what reason?

    • I would think if the mother has a body she would have a spoken language. But she moves very slowly compared to us, and her language may reflect that. Or it could be on a frequency we no longer hear. Listening in a different way.

      I don’t see anything natural in eugenics, and you are completely right about population control forced on people. We should control ourselves. The common way of teaching in America from what I have seen is to control children in the extreme to “keep them safe”. Instead of teaching them to think for themselves and see the right things on their own.

      The traditional way of teaching cherokee children was to tell them stories, no yelling, no hitting. They had to sit still and listen. When I was a child, you could beat me black and blue and it wouldn’t matter, but when I had to sit still and hear a story about what I did wrong, it killed me, and sticks with me still.

      But I have seen some children that would only respond to a spanking. That could be a result from their environment, or it could be a part of their personality.

      I really like the way your mother put it, and it is a matter of choice, and some willingly accept it, some put up with it, but it is still a choice.

  4. I think we have to be careful to avoid anthropocentrism- what appears to be a commonly shared opinion of the majority of humankind.

    More and more an understanding is being reached that some form of verbal communication
    exists among animals and birds-crows and ravens communicate via gestures and sounds.

    Whales and dolphins have long been known to do this-grooming is a form of communication,
    alarm calls-territorial and mating songs among birds.

    Wolves have a complex society and group howls are about much more than the moon as
    legend seems to have been.

    Yet these various forms of communication are understood by few, and the language used by
    fewer still.

    I could no more understand what was being spoken to me in Tibetan for instance than Russian,
    yet I would recognize it as a language.

    There can be no argument that humans have the greater intellect of all living things on this earth,
    so to me it is a stretch as you go down the intelligence scale to assume all things we share this
    planet with have the same deductive ability, the same thought process, or even a comparable understanding.

    That doesn’t devalue them though, it only speaks to cognitive ability, what is needed, species,and should be taken in that context-a wolf has no understanding how to operate a vehicle, elk have no
    understanding how to operate a cell phone, and I can hardly imagine a hawk operating a blender.

    Life exists as species and behaves as species. Within that are divisions and subspecies that may share common characteristics and abilities like a sparrow and a cardinal, yet each is distinctive and has their own language.

    It isn’t difficult then to assume that the earth has a distinct language as well, if this is so one need only look around to understand few hear what is being spoken, and fewer understand.

    It is man’s nature to assign human characteristics in other species, and to a degree there is a truth
    in this-likewise it is also a human characteristic to assign animal characteristics in humans-and again there is a truth in that.

    But in doing so what results is an arrogance to define all things by an imposed standard with ourselves as the ultimate role model, and deny the uniqueness of others.

    I’m sure that would be taken as an affront by our non human brothers and sisters-and increasingly
    so I see very little of the characteristics of humility in people, and despite the growth of language an ability to intelligently communicate in an honest and forthright manner.

    Does the earth speak? I believe it does, but I also think while some may believe it can only be a verbal communication and strain to hear, in doing so they will fail to hear what is spoken in the rhythmic cycles the land so clearly communicates.

    • I agree, we have to be careful not to get self centered to the point we see ourselves as the center of everything. Like thinking the universe revolves around us.

      But I also think there is a context of self that helps us understand others, and the world around us. While at the same time others help us understand ourselves, and the world around us. While the world around us helps us understand ourselves and others.

      There is a reason the cherokee used the word people to describe groups of animals, as well as our clans, and other tribes.

      Humans will use many forms of communication, touches, looks, sounds, facial movements, even lack of all these.

      When you watch a mother bear she will speak to her little ones. How do we humans learn another human language when we don’t have a transitional language to translate?

      Why can’t we do that with animals?

      For instance, there is a vulture around here. Keeping away from the buildings and people. I was watching it drifting on the wind, and thought about the negative view of so many towards them. I thought about how many things die that would breed diseases if it weren’t for the vultures and other carrion birds. I thanked the vulture in our language, but I also felt appreciation for its place in the circle. It flew close to me and made circles over my head.

      Was this a miscommunication, a delusion, or a reply? Or was it checking to see if I was food?

      There is an older man around here, a farmer, that is a simple man, doesn’t know a lot, doesn’t want to know a lot, he’s content. He is not stupid, or ignorant, he is very knowledgable in what matters to him.

      Why do so many see people like this as lesser beings?

      Why can’t it be the same way with microorganisms? Or animals?

      You never see a wolf killing themselves because they don’t fit in. Because they were made fun of. So how smart are humans really? How intelligent are we, that we make so much trouble for ourselves?

  5. “Why do so many see people like this as lesser beings?”

    Because from the cradle to the grave everything is evaluated on what society
    perceives as success-wealth, status, the level of education, and all the assumed
    accoutrements that go with that.

    I can’t speak for other people and other places, but on this continent and those
    comprising this hemisphere indigenous people are the first people, and we have
    long believed that communication with with the four legs and those with wings was
    entirely possible-but didn’t do so thinking they were like us.

    We understood each was a separate and distinct nation that could understand our
    language, and so we spoke to and learned things from them.

    We believed they could imbue us with their strengths and knowledge-agreements
    were made between us and them-most of which have been violated in one way or
    another now and creating barriers.

    They are threatened and losing habitat at an alarming rate-many of these once proud
    nations are being reduced to scavenging and raiding garbage cans-little wonder they
    are fed up and attacks are on the increase.

    Man is the usurper, the one who encroaches,the one who attempts to bend all things
    to his will-indifferent to those whose ancestors go back further than his own.

    They are more than mere animals, but not like us-they are viable nations just as we are,
    and I don’t believe they have any desire to be like or compared to us.

    We live in an ecosphere of immense diversity-in that we are all related and dependent to
    one degree or another to all that surrounds us.

    A lesson “civilization” has yet to learn

    • Comparison I think cannot be helped to a certain extent. We compare the night to the day and see the difference and in turn find context.

      But I think it’s extremely important to look at WHO each animal is just like we should with each human. To learn how they live is a gift from them to us, just like learning from indigenous people is.

      There is so much that is hidden from the wide public, but revealed to particular individuals. In my experience that revelation is based off of respect.

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