Contra Conceptio

Contra Conceptio, protegere/ against the act of becoming pregnant with a child, to cover in front/ contraception, protection.

Latin root/ literal translation/ current usage.

A brother and I were having a discussion about various things, this was a part of it, but also quite a few branches off of it, and it got me thinking in my own special way.

Female wolverines will not mate if there is not enough food in their territory.

When good men and women protect, they protect from all angles.

To love little ones and respect life is to enjoy conception, not the sexual act, the creating of life.

To look at sex only as pleasure, is to forget what it’s for, and to focus on yourself, to be self centered.

Life begins at conception. I will not discuss how I know this, but there is no doubt for me it is so.

Abstinence from sex does not mean to deprive yourself.

The energy stored in the sexual organs used to create life, can be used in other ways. Just like we discussed in the anger blog.

This creation energy can be used to make art, help plants grow, heal the earth, and your fellow humans. I know this sounds “new agey” but it’s true. It all depends on your focus. I stumbled onto this realization, I did not try to make it happen. I simply did not want to be a slave to that sexual urge anymore, I learned the environmental triggers in movies and shows I was watching, and eliminated them, and the only thing left was the cycle I had put my body into. I saw and felt the damage done to the earth and felt compassion for our mother, and that energy just moved to her. I changed my focus from self gratification, to compassion.

Medical science teaches a period of ovulation, directly related to the body. Are there other periods of ovulation you can tune to? And no, I don’t mean planets, stars, or any of that.

Why do Americans view bringing a life into this world as a negative they need to protect against?

Why is the majority of the American mind set focused on contra Conceptio? As I asked in another blog, where are your roots?

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14 thoughts on “Contra Conceptio

  1. There are a variety of reasons for contraception that have been practiced among
    the nations-among them the same example of food availability.
    Another was war time conditions which at some points were a constant-it isn’t a
    stretch to say these same conditions exist to a degree presently.

    In 2007 statistics showed that 12 percent of all indigenous youth dropped out of school,
    95 out of every 100,000 native teenagers died, and thirty one percent of all indigenous
    children between the ages from birth to 19 live in abject poverty.
    Statistics from 2007 show that our children suffer 1.6 times the infant mortality of our
    white counterparts. These statistics all look like viable reasons to practice contraception,
    but aborting a fetus, at least to me, is another entirely separate matter with the exception
    of the most obvious of reasons.

    To view sex as only pleasure is the wrong approach, but if it were an act of drudgery
    populations would plummet world wide and mankind might not even exist. So there is
    a balance much as there is in all things.
    There is a global emphasis now on population control, and a variety of reasons for that,
    most of them I believe resulting from the unnecessary and exploitative imbalance that exists
    in all things as motivated by greed, profit taking, and ego.
    Of interest to me is what I consider the phenomenon of higher birth rates amount the poor,
    one would think the opposite would be true.
    Also that generally speaking it seems to be men who are more opposed to abortion-yet it is
    most often men who are the absent parent-and it is certainly men who deny parentage
    seeking to avoid responsibility.
    Contraception? A necessary reality-especially if there are multiple partners involved. Between
    a husband and wife? I believe that should be the result of an informed and intelligent decision
    based on the reality of circumstance.
    But in the case of abortion I don’t think purely selfish reasons are an excuse for the taking of
    a life-and too often that seems to be the case. Too often it is one wanting to have their cake
    and eat it too with no consideration of anything else.
    This is surely a hot button topic and I would expect women to weigh in and provide their
    viewpoint, in that process maybe a mini dialog will take place and we can all learn something.
    For all the talk of matriarchy, with notable exceptions, that hasn’t been the way of it even among matrlineal societies for some time. And much of the societal mores are reflective of that and
    have defined such issues as conception and birth.
    That’s changing, but not without a struggle from those in entrenched positions of power, but I
    liken it to life and relationships seeking to obtain a balance, just as water seeks to find it’s own
    There is strength in numbers, but there can also be a profound weakness when it taxes
    resources and the ability to provide, care, and nurture.
    That is the reason why Lemmings rush to hurl themselves into the sea, the great Mayan cities declined, were enveloped by the jungle, and their populations became vulnerable and dispersed.
    It is why birthrates among the fourlegs wax and wane- and raises the question-do the fourlegs have a greater understanding than we do? Are they more forward thinking, have a greater awareness of what parenting is about?
    When they practice birth control through an infertility arising from the inability to nurture and sustain is it a matter of ego, a perceived convenience, or a balanced approach and part of
    the natural order of things?
    Was there a time when this natural infertility existed in humans as a response to conditions to
    now be replaced with artificial means?
    I ask this as is there is a growing artificiality related to humans- as in plastic surgery, breast implants, steroids, hair implants, colored contact lenses and hair dye-even false eyelashes of
    all things.
    A child can conceive, we’ve all seen on the net or heard stories of 10 or 12 year old girls giving birth-is the mere fact that they can a mandate that it is a good thing, or that they should?
    Somewhere in all this the focus has become one of gender, a strictly male/female issue that completely ignores the human species is neither asexual or unisex-that obscures larger issues and creates confusion and conflict.
    We exist as men and women as part of an original design and for a purpose, the balance
    intended and associated with that as been lost, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    I for one will not be dominated by a woman or a man, neither will I seek to dominate another,
    no one should be or attempt to. There is a greater harmony in mutual respect and co operation than their opposites.
    A part of the Hippocratic Oath physicians take is to “do no harm”, we as humans should have taken the same oath-though if we had of we would violated it as do physicians.
    We say that life is a gift, conception and the birth of a child are gifts, yet it is difficult to
    imagine such a gift would employ rape as a vehicle-especially that involving children or
    incest-and yet the fetus is innocent in all this, and therein lies the conundrum.
    And so it becomes a matter of personal or parental choice, one to be lived with whichever
    is made-a choice I am thankful I do not have to make, and will not question those who do.

    • I wrote this post partly to point to certain mindsets, and partly to create discussion. The choices I made were based on my own reasons, but they were based on things I think a majority of people have lost site of.

      I wanted to raise my children in a good environment. I wanted them to have a good mother that would love and care for them, but also a good father.

      I did not want them to be brought up in an environment that would be detrimental to their well being in many ways.

      I did not want to put a responsibility onto a woman that was unfair to her, and would force her to make sacrifices she shouldn’t have to, that would lead to a poor environment for the little one.

      I wanted my children to have a place in this world, a culture that would mean something, and tie into their blood.

      I saw the disrespect I was giving to women, and the lack of respect I was fostering through moving from one to the next.

      I saw how it was closing off my heart the more I did it, and that meant the less I would have to offer to the woman that completed me.

      Not only would that be unfair to the woman, that I could not give her my full heart, but it would also eventually result in serious problems.

      When thinking up this post, I wasn’t so much focused on the act itself, but the reasoning behind it, and the current view of it compared to before.

      I would rather not get into the same old debate on pro life vs. pro choice, as it only goes round and round with nothing getting resolved. Also seeing as how I am both pro choice and pro life, it’s rather pointless.

      I really liked this, and it’s something for anyone who reads this to really think about.

      “It is why birthrates among the fourlegs wax and wane- and raises the question-do the fourlegs have a greater understanding than we do? Are they more forward thinking, have a greater awareness of what parenting is about?
      When they practice birth control through an infertility arising from the inability to nurture and sustain is it a matter of ego, a perceived convenience, or a balanced approach and part of
      the natural order of things?
      Was there a time when this natural infertility existed in humans as a response to conditions to
      now be replaced with artificial means?”

      I have not personally experienced it, but I have discussed with those who have that certain squirrels will greatly increase or decrease the number of their young in direct relation to the cycles of trees. In years where the tree produces a very small crop of nuts, they will have no little ones, or sometimes one.

      I really like the questions you posed, and I would add, is it merely a survival mechanism, or a respect for life, and the sacredness of little ones?

      Humans have the unfortunate ability to reason their way into all sorts of trouble. Convincing themselves that a certain thing is needed or required, without looking at what is the cause.

      We provide condoms to children in an attempt to stop teenage pregnancy, yet the reasons that cause it many people chalk up to “kids will be kids”.

      Instead of asking why it is happening and not being satisfied until a reason and solution are found.

      Sexual puberty has gradually decreased, yet they say now that 13 is the average age, and that it is not likely to go lower. Why not? Is was 6 years higher before, and possibly much higher that records don’t reflect. Little ones, some 6 years old developing sexually, contraception will not fix that.

      SIX YEARS OLD!!! That’s a baby, they should just be really starting to be a child, not wonder why they have these strange feelings they can’t describe, or possibly understand.

      How far are humans willing to go making excuses? How bad will the world around them get before they wake up?

      • All you say here is admirable and should be the
        common denominator for all people-unfortunately
        as we know it is not.
        This increasing sexuality and fertility among children
        as young as the example you provide is the result of
        an evolutionary process effected by societal mores.

        Sexuality and puberty exist as a genetically enocoded
        event that is biologically switched on-it only stands
        to reason that the emphasis placed on it both mentally
        and physically by a society will at some point activate
        this switch and change the “coding”-hence the younger
        the generational exposure the earlier the activation.

        Sex sells-thats the bottom line, and so advertizing,
        clothing, cosmetics, and the perception of ones
        desirability all become factors.

        Regretable as it is, and my saying so may well offend
        some, but we have all seen young preteen girls dressed
        as what can only be described as tarts-that is a huge
        parental and societal failure in my opinion.

        But it is also a form of mimicry in what they see among
        the adult population-and an abject failure that creates
        an environment where any child feels their popularity is
        dependent upon such things.

        “How far are humans willing to go making excuses? How bad
        will the world around them get before they wake up?”

        An excellent question-but I think we all know the answer-
        and it is there apparently are no limits-all things can be
        explained, legitimized,rationalized, and excused-that has
        become the national pastime from top to bottom, and usually
        wrapped in a layer of having a personal “right” to.

        As to providing condoms to children-the rationale for that
        is that “their going to do it anyway”-maybe some will, but I
        also think it creates an acceptance as an evitability and
        in some ways may encourage it.

        It speaks also to the lack of parental input and supervision
        based on a multitude of realities that include economic
        considerations that parents must focus on to hold things
        together, and the insane emphasis and coercion of time.

        And yet from another perspective in consideration of
        society as it exists there is a twisted logic to it.

        Only so many hours in the day and so many things to tend
        to-time is money-my time is valuable, and all the rest of
        that-so the family structure mutates and devolves into
        some loose affiliation of adults and children sharing
        the same habitat.

        Life is becoming increasingly competitive and you either
        compete or stagnate and fall through the cracks. This level
        of competition exists in every strata-including that of
        children in the form of peer pressure to immulate what
        they see their adult counterparts doing-all in all a
        recipe for disaster.

        “I really like the questions you posed, and I would add, is it
        merely a survival mechanism, or a respect for life, and the
        sacredness of little ones?”

        I think it is a matter of all three-but also one humankind
        prefers not to participate in, or if so, then a participation
        that is individually modified and articulated to each persons

        There are assignations conferred to as the World’s great
        religions-the greatest of these is the religion of Meism
        though you will hear no mention of it.

        The tenets of this religion are greed, ego, selfishness,
        and indifference-the associated cost is greater than that
        of any global economic crisis-for it is a poverty and crisis of
        the spirit that money will not cure.

        • Excellent response, and good to speak about DNA triggers, it’s relatively new to science, but it has been known by simpler terms, based on observation, for a very long time.

          There was a news story about a well known model that stated she would no longer do photo shoots where she would be selling her body. She was recently married and felt her body was sacred and reserved for her husband. Good for her I say, and more should follow suit.

          Tart would be putting it lightly, some I have seen were dressed the same as hookers I have seen on the street.

          It is mimicry, but I also agree a result of not being taught. Respect being the biggest. Respect being akin to a second thought, or something faked to get something you want.

          All in all, I couldn’t agree more, and well said.

  2. As a woman I had nothing to add or need to discuss anything – you said it all perfectly clear and I understand fully and accept your point of view -I AGREE with you in all matters you described. We could find probably few minor differences in way we understand or would solve some issues…
    But I am more than sure with that point of view you have this so very needed Men-Women cooperation to find proper solutions for mess we have NOW , in our time – so life can be all good for everyone….
    would go way easier, better and faster if other men would at least consider to think about similar issues, not mentioning them thinking /felling similar as you do.

    Tali – thanks for starting such great and difficult, avoided topic (painful it is in our times).
    Rezinate – big thank you for whole your comment 🙂

    I have learned a LOT today, thanks to you both.
    I tip my hat to you, gents! 😀

    • There are many hard topics people avoid. But these are the ones we should work on the most, if they are a shame or point of dissension, it needs to be worked out, or else it only results in division and a looking away.

  3. meoquane and jess

    may be it is these roots are the love for a little one to have the good life-we do not
    believe this abortion is good-may be the woman made to have the many children
    and dos not have the good man to provide has this love to do the contraception
    and not make another to suffer.
    Dos not matter the american or any the other the woman many are made to have to
    this love to say better to not make this conception and have nothing to give for the little
    one and many would say better to not have the little scar for the body and the breast
    to fall and be the fat one to not have the many men to look for me and this is the love
    only for the one made to say this.
    It is not the man made to carry the little one, and it is not the man made to nurse them,
    and it is not the man made to be left alone with them, and it is not the man made to
    be raped, and it is not the man made to sell his body to feed and have the place to live
    for the little ones. and it is the good root that dos not make these things to be.
    This one rezinate has said the gift it is this conception and the birth and this is so and we
    would agree for the things he has said but we would ask who receives any the gift and dos
    not make the good care for it?
    If we did not have the way to feed and care for a puppy made the gift would we be the
    good person to accept and make it to suffer? Would we be the good person to go to look
    for the puppy to have? The little one is more than the puppy and the more responsibility.
    This abortion is the bad thing and we would not do this but we have enough the love and
    enough the good roots to do this contraception if it was made to be the better way and our
    women have made to do this the long time.
    We do not think rape is this creation energy, and we do not think to do the beading is the
    same creation energy to make the little one, we think this energy is made to be many the
    different the same as people are made to be.
    May be it is we do not understand for those things you would say but we are made to
    understand to be the woman and we are made to understand the way for our people
    and we would ask if we do not understand you would explain for us.

    • I think you did understand my words as I meant them, judging by your response. But I think now after reading your words that I am the one that was mistaken.

      I shared the thoughts on my experiences, and thought I had figured it out well enough, but women are the creators of the next generation, and you would know this creation energy better than I would. I may create the seed, and I may plant the seed, but it is the woman that is the fertile ground that grows the life.

      I had to think much on this, as I had to rethink what I thought I knew. After long reflection, I know one thing for sure, I don’t know.

      I read back over my words after reading yours and rezinates, and I realized something I said, and one of the places I thought in the wrong way.

      The creation energy I had said could be changed, like we discussed in the anger blog. But I was putting too many things together. The creation energy never changed, what I had stored in my seed, I gave to the mother to help her heal. What I changed was the bad part, the sexual energy that did not have its origins in the heart for the good woman. That energy was like the anger that should not be shared so I changed it. Or at least that’s how I saw it at the time, might be that rezinate is right, it wasn’t changed. I know it went somewhere, and the artistic came, but maybe it was a trade. Or maybe it was like the radio where I turned my focus to another station. I do not know for sure.

      I like this analogy of the puppy very much, I think it is very appropriate to the concept I was trying to convey. You can love puppies, but know you do not have a good home for them right now, or enough food, or enough room, and so you do not get the puppy because it would suffer.

      I do have a question though. You said that rape is not creation energy. Rape is a horrible thing, and the only proper punishment to my mind is death. But something I do not understand. If the rape results in the little one, is the little one bad because the act began so badly, or is the little one still the little one deserving of love? If this little one can love, and grow to be the good person, how is this not creation? Wouldn’t it be taking the bad thing and making the good?

      • meoquane and jess

        You make the hard question for us and we do not know much for this thing the energy,
        but we would say if we would make to agree to the good man the husband to make
        the little one we would both the man the woman have this create for the mind and the
        spirit and the body to and not just to lay together. but we are not made to think the woman
        to be raped and the one who makes to do this has any the thought to create and so
        made to be different
        and we are made to think if the little one is made may be it is this conundrum rezinate
        has spoke and the little one has no responsible for this and is the innocent same for
        any the little would be the same to make to blame the sun when the cloud hides
        the light to say the little one is made to be bad.

        • It is the hard question for us all I think, even harder for the one who was raped. To have the strength to say I will not be the victim, but will make the good life from the bad act, this is the big heart, and the big strength to not stay the victim, and to look at the little one and love the life created, and not see the one that hurt.

  4. I see the point you would make M +J -I would compare it to a tool-a pair of pliers is a tool
    as is a hammer-both are tools and yet both are specific-so the energy applied to them is
    defined and directed due their nature and what is meant to be accomplished-neither
    capable of doing anything without intent and influence, in effect they are neutral-what they
    are and what they do is dependent and externalized-depending on what? Choice.
    Even in destruction some claim can be advanced of creation, but then we are getting into
    that realm of the white language that makes things right look like wrong and wrong look
    like right. We as a people have survived a long time without having to do that.

    “Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married,
    it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives’ mouths.”
    Bertrand Russell

    Undoubtedly what is needed is that as men we pay closer attention to the mouths of women
    and the number of teeth they have in the things they say.
    You are absolutely correct in your analogy of puppies and little ones, the defined role women
    play in the process of conception and birth, and the potential difficulties associated with single parenting.

    “When good men and women protect, they protect from all angles.”
    I believe that is the gist of your entire response and well made.

    Energy is defined as positive and negative-there is a reason for that, but energy can also
    exist as a neutral awaiting the definition of direction. A seed waiting to be sown is an example
    of neutral energy, and is entirely dependent on the conditions in which it is sown.
    It can grow and produce an ear of corn, a tomato, a tree, or a flower-but it can also perish
    and produce nothing of it’s inherent design and purpose-I see little creation in that.

    • In order to have balance there must be a weight and counter weight, destruction is the counter weight to creation. Simple realizations can make you feel so stupid sometimes, can’t believe I missed that one.

      Something to think about in regards to the seed not sprouted.

      If the seed falls to the ground, mixes with the discarded leaves, becomes a home to a fungus that in turn produces a nutrient that is good for the plant that made the seed, isn’t that a way for the plant to make a garden?

      • I would say yes under a guideline such as the butterfly effect-but doesn’t
        your example still imply a conditional response dependent upon external
        circumstances and the good fortune of having fallen upon an hospitable
        And in turn make the creative force within the seed neutral and at the
        mercy of conditions whether it will activate, or become a catalyst for
        something else?
        If this seed were to find itself in the middle of one of the Earth’s great
        deserts where no rain fell and no nutrients essential for it to grow then
        decayed and broke down to some indiscernible element, having fed
        nothing or taken root, what act of creation exists?
        Creation and destruction-too entirely different events, and like day
        and night, the seasons, sleeping and rising, absoutely essential.
        And I hardly think you are stupid-you’ve made some very valid points
        and created a meaningful discussion-that is not only a positive but
        creative as well.

        • Very true about the destruction and creation, but without the break down and decay, would there be nutrients in the soil to grow things?

          Volcanic rock is nutrient rich, but in order for it to be soil, it has to be broken down, so some destruction of the rock has to occur for life to grow. Just like our eating plants or animals. We have to take that life to continue ours. To me that’s part of the creation.

          Even in our creating little ones, much of the sperm dies, never to reach the egg and begin that cycle.

          My response spoke to the enormous amount of cycles all working together and defendant on each other. Interdependency of creation.

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