Beauty is in the eye of the beholder the saying goes. So why not change what we behold?

Growing up, I looked at women with different eyes than the men I encountered. I was attracted to the kind words, the soft touch, the gentleness and love towards children and old ones, the way they were different than I was, the mystery, the way they saw what I couldn’t, the way they stood, they way they spoke, all the things that make a woman. I found those things beautiful.

I noticed, but never really dwelled on how small their waist was, if their butt wiggled when they walked, how thick their eye lashes were, what shape their eyebrows were, what style their hair was, if they wore nail polish, or makeup.

As I grew older, I fell into noticing these things, because for one, other men did, and for another, women would ask what I thought about it.

I have recently in the last few years began a reversion. Where I see the beauty I saw before, and couldn’t care less about the other.

A woman with a “plain” face uncovered by make up, is beautiful to me.

The wrinkles of a grandmother caused by laughter and worry are beautiful to me.

Jet black hair, red curly hair, blonde straight hair, black tight curls, are all beautiful to me, because they are who that woman is.

A woman who dresses to show off everything doesn’t appeal to me, but a woman who respects herself and her body is beauty beyond measure.

A woman with a newborn, glowing with the joy of creating a life, looking on her little one with love. There is nothing more beautiful.

What do your eyes behold?

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8 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. There is a design and an intent to beauty but too often we fail to look
    beyond what is made manifest.
    Like a flower for example-beautiful to see and enjoy the fragrance it
    offers-but the greater beauty is what lies behind that-the fact that it is
    this attraction that lures bees and others seeking nourishment that in
    turn propagates the species through the pollen they carry with them.
    It is a delicate symbiosis having a beauty of it’s own.
    A gentle breeze has a beauty in itself and yet serves to carry pollen
    and seeds that perpetuate as well, cools a furrowed brow, creates a
    song in the rustling of leaves or in the stirring of wind chimes.
    In those things the greater beauty lies and speaks to a reality that
    far exceeds what is obvious-and so it is with all things.
    There is a beauty in the graying hair of elders that speaks to a
    life lived, of experience, and accumulated wisdom.
    There is a beauty in the pride of nations, and even in the fight they
    wage to remain who they are.
    It is a fool who only sees the obvious, and it is a fool who will pander
    to it. Conception and birth are the ultimate example of beauty-and it is
    a beauty that surrounds us in all things-and yet too often taken for

  2. meoquane and jess

    This beauty not to see is the one made the more important than the pretty face
    ,it is made to be the beauty to live the life in the circle. Any the one to think it
    is the waist to be small and the behind to wiggle better to know these things are
    only for the time and made to pass, but this circle is always to be.

    • Good that you point this out. This does go away, and we see how women react to this with the older women getting surgery, and dying the hair to look younger.

      • meoquane and jess

        many the woman we have seen with the grey hair and the more the
        pretty they are for this and the natural it is.we can not hide from the
        gray hair and the wrinkle but some would run from it.

  3. Well – maybe I am only freak here using ALL senses, not only sight/ eyes – as I believe true Beauty is something you SENSE, feel with all senses at very same time.

    So that made me ask myself – WHY only use eyes if we have 5 next senses (hearing, taste, smell, touch, sense of humor) to understand Beauty in all and whole meanings and manifestations?

    Isn’t hearing birds songs at early dawn beautiful? Isn’t stroke of soft wind cooling skin during hot evening beautiful? Isn’t smell and taste of hot, strong coffee at morning beautiful? Isn’t sound of laugh straight from heart beautiful? Smell, warm touch of such soft skin, and sighs of peacefully sleeping newborn – isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t taste of first good cooked food by children beautiful? First well baked cake?
    Isn’t beautiful to hear my dog singing it’s song to welcome me and sensation of licking my hands with love and joy I am here? Smells and noises of garden at morning, people happily chatting at evening with laugh and stories and good food shared around? Listening to most favorite music and sounds with no disturbing noise – isn’t that beautiful?

    Isn’t that all Beauty Full to SENSE it all around? With eyes wide…closed? 🙂

    Going to ponder on that – that shall it ONLY be eyes to behold, shall it only be eyes that help us create our memories and remember/ memorize things? Isn’t that just because we been taught to perceive world this one way – feeding only eyes, eating , consuming with eyes because of technology/ mass media (TV, internet, adverts, too MANY spurs and incitements only for eyes )?

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