What makes you happy? Seems like a simple question right? Yet so many are unhappy. Why do you think that is?

When I was younger, I tried to help people with what made them happy. Only to see them be happy for a short time, and revert back to the anger, sadness, depression, etc., that made me look closer at what happiness really is. In doing that, I looked at what brought that bright warm feeling into my heart and made it stay there, and tried to see that in others. Of course what made me happy didn’t apply across the board, but true happiness can be across the board in many ways.

I looked at how I felt when I bought something useful, when I bought an impulse buy, when a pretty girl flirted with me, when a good man saw good in me, when grandparents were proud of me, when I made something with my own two hands and skill, when I ate a food that tasted really good, when I drank pure water, when I sat and listened to the old ones telling stories.

I put all these together because as I understood when I was younger, they all caused happiness of some sort. What I realized as I grew up was some things fulfill a want, stroke your ego, play on an insecurity, these things do not bring happiness, but they do provide a strange form of release.

This release, in the feeling of it, is not unlike sexual climax for that alone, no good emotion associated with it. I chased after this for a few years, some of the darkest years of my life. I’ve been in extreme emotional pain, great physical pain, but that is a part of life, and not a darkness like you bring on yourself when you pursue the satisfaction of the moment.

I’m watching my newest niece sleep. I was trying my special uncle way to get her to burp earlier and was enjoying her smile, me making noises and watching her furrow her brow in concentration, then her little mouth moving trying to figure it out. She’s two months old, her little smile is happiness. It fills me up, and overflows, for lack of a better description.

This happiness is a gift. Nothing can replace the inner peace and utter joy a little one brings. When I was around grandmothers who were good women, there was another equal joy and peace they brought, the same with one of my grandfathers.

There are so many things in this life that bring happiness I have never experienced. But what I have experienced is that true happiness is given by others through our good actions towards them. True happiness also comes from us accepting the good things that come, like a newborn baby.

I would like to hear from others on what brings them true happiness. Even the smallest things like watching a hawk fly, or a rabbit eat a clover flower, or the way the sky changes colors as the sun rises and sets.

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14 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. This is a good blog-funny the associations the mind will make.
    In reading this I remembered a day when a bunch of us were
    working on a house-during the lunch break the conversation
    somehow turned to women-the mystery they always seem to
    be to us as men, and what it is that makes them happy.
    I offered the opinion that love and all it implies makes women
    happy-immediately I saw the light go on in a fellow workers eyes
    and he jumped up, ran to his truck to retrieve a boom box
    and insert an Al Green cd to begin playing Love and Happiness-
    he put it on repeat and soon enough we were dancing and doing
    Karioke as only men on construction sites can do.
    Now I’m not necessarily an Al Green, fan and other than this
    song I couldn’t name another he’s done-but this is infectious and I
    like it. And I think it is a truth that love makes us all happy.
    Hey-I’m up out of the chair, volumes up-I’m dancing, happy, and
    loving it.

    • I love Al Greens sound, even if I don’t like all the lyrics of all his songs. Definitely makes you want to dance.

      Glad you brought this up, letting yourself be silly, can foster happiness.

  2. meoquane and jess

    many things to make the person happy or sad and not always easy
    to explain for this and maybe not the same for everyone. But this
    good love is the big happiness and the little ones and the family.
    happiness is the gift to give and to receive and we should work for
    this in all the places we go to make it grow like the garden.
    and oh yes we have sound up and dancing and it makes us happy
    to, even these ones the hounds make to dance and smile for this.
    you have spoke of love and fear and happiness, may be it is you
    would speak of anger to.

    • Once again you speak wisdom. It is not always easy to see where happiness comes from, but I think we need to look more for the little things that made happiness since the beginnings. Like you have said, the little ones, the family.

      There is a way women I have known will act, to reach out and touch lightly when speaking to you. There is something in this touch that only a woman can do, and it makes the heart soft, and I find that I listen to every word. I can’t explain why, but this little thing a woman does, just being a woman, brings a happiness and contentment for me.

      I am making a post now about anger, maybe tomorrow I will post it.

      • meoquane and jess

        Oh yes the little touch and the certain look, but the man makes
        to do this to and says many things and may be dos not know the
        important it is, the way we are made to feel for this.
        And this one good man has said we all made to carry the bag of stones,
        some we must and some we make to choose and the better not to carry
        those ones we do not have to, to put them down and this is the
        healing this one anakis speaks for.

        • I was not talking about the touch to make the attraction, just to show kindness. A woman will do this when she worries. Is this what you are talking about too, that the man will do?

      • meoquane and jess

        Tali Uquelugv we are not speaking for attraction, and we say men make to
        touch to show kindness and to say not to worry to, but may be it is
        we do not understand this question you ask because we think this the thing
        you are made to know to. the time the place for this attraction and the time
        the place for the kindness to.

        • I was the one that was confused. Sometimes the man will act like they are worried or that they care, but will be making a trick. Mostly though, they will have the touch of attraction.

          I do not understand fully what you mean about the way this caring touch makes a woman feel. I do not even understand all the things it makes me feel when women do this to me.

          I was thinking if the men reading knew a little more, they would be more careful. But I also think about the ones who would trick, and they might use this knowledge in a bad way.

  3. Anakis

    Speaking from personal experience, one has to heal the wounded heart of the past, before true love and happiness can fill it. Darn, Rezi, now I’m going to have to keep my eye on all those construction men getting it on. I’m going to turn it down a notch with Percy Sledge.

    • Well anakis, you’ve done it now, you’ve got me picturing construction workers dancing to this.

      That’s been my experience as well, whether we lay it down as unimportant anymore, something we cannot change now but a mistake to learn from, or something we work to remedy. I’m sure there are many other ways that I do not know about, but those have worked well for me.

      Thank you for sharing and pointing this out.

      One of my favorite songs.

  4. Anakis

    Not getting it on, getting your moves on (embarrassed/red face/blushing).

  5. Hello, party and jammin’ I see here! 😀
    And this is that magic- music, laugh, good fun and dancing which always will attract me and bring me in 😀

    If I may join- looking at title of post and general mood…

    I will dare to add – and dancefloor is mine with those two…
    Will be HAPPY to share it and have company in dancing :

    • Put on the tinfoil or turn on the holograph stonefeather as we’re there
      dancing with you-watch me move now, Michael had nothing on me.

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