The Illusionati

In a recent post to his blog, rezinate spoke up about a cancer killing the nations. It isn’t a cancer that can be removed through surgery, killed off through radiation, or done away with in any other way common to bodily cancers. This cancer is a cancer of thought. A way of thinking that eats away the life of whatever it touches. There aren’t words I know clear enough to express the pride I have in him for what he said, or the respect I have for him to stand strong against this ever pressing tide, but I can say I’m honored to call him brother.

I try to speak from my own experiences, and mine are much different that rezinates, but I do have experiences related to things he spoke of. I thought if I shared my stories, maybe others would see a part of it in themselves and have an easier time, or see a clearer path.

I’m going to state my views and opinions, and they will make some reading this very mad, and I welcome any to respond.

I was raised in a Christian environment, my father was a preacher. I am not now, and will never be a Christian, though i do think there are many good lessons in the bible. In learning these stories though children pick up certain ways of thinking. That a person (as small children don’t grasp the “god is man” concept) can walk on water, or is supposed to be perfect, and many other concepts that are too numerous to mention in this post. So they grow up with these ideas in the back of their mind, as that is where many things we learn as little ones are stored i.e. Walking, language. These ideas effect their decision making through their life unless they change their entire way of thinking. One of the big ones is theft of culture. Now I’m sure some of you out there are thinking I’ve lost my mind, but keep reading, and maybe you’ll see it.

In the story of jesus, the very center of CHRISTianity, you have a man that is said to be the one this group of people have been waiting for. But the keepers of knowledge for this people say he is not. In the story, they refer to these people in ways that say they are liars, or in the least ignorant of their own stories. Rezinate spoke about people twisting Mayan and Hopi stories, as well as Lakota and my people, the Cherokee. These new agers change a story to suit their purposes, whether the writers of the books that became the bible did or not I can’t say, I didnt know them, and don’t know the Hebrew stories. The hebrew do though, what do they say about jesus?

Now think about this. A group of outsiders telling this people THEIR OWN STORIES are wrong. Sounds just like these other people that are changing ours, where did they learn this behavior?

Consider the story of Elisha. Where he was passing a town and children made fun of him because he was bald. So Elisha called she bears from the woods to consume them. Ask your local preacher about this, if he went to a seminary, I’ll bet he will say “he was allowed this because he was gods representative on earth”. I’ve never heard in any story fake or otherwise where our medicine men asked bears to eat children for calling them names. Children of the enemy as a blood sacrifice I’ve heard of, but not their own people for calling them names.

Also consider the “infallible word of god”, as my father and uncle put it, contains four accountings of the story of Jesus, all four are different some very different. Now, considering that a child’s mind isn’t filtering and cataloging these stories into “a blue car, red car” scenario, it’s only hearing different things called the same thing. There sponge is absorbing that its ok to have different tellings of the same story.

Now, some of you might say we do the same thing, and you’d be right to an extent. Take the story of the first man and first woman for the Cherokee. Little things might change, but the strawberries are never raspberries. The story always states they argued and she left, and came across the berries creator put in her path, some stories have more berries than others, but the core story is exactly the same, in no accounting told by the Cherokee will you see the man finding the berries. The differences are personal variations, but the story remains the same. IF it is told by Cherokee.

Ask 10 different preachers what turn the other cheek means, and does it just mean one cheek, two cheeks, or just keep turning the cheek. Out of the ten I asked as a boy I got seven different answers. I take it to mean give someone a second chance, because we all lose our temper at times, make poor decisions, believe a lie. But many preachers have told me to keep turning the other cheek. Which sounds to me like what an abused woman does when she takes the man back time and again, and that is never a good thing.

Revelations, I’m still not sure why this is taught so much as there has never been a clear understanding of what it means. Of course none of us are Greek/Hebrew/Egyptian like Rome was at the time, so we may never know what it means. But looking at our stories being stolen and twisted and trying to understand where the enemy lies so you can fight it, this is a part of it.

I can’t possibly tell you the number of variations I heard of the book of revelations, I heard my father alone tell five, each he stated as fact, each different. That is absorbed by the little ones as well, that you can tell one story a thousand different ways and say its fact. Also, there is a self destructive element in the story of revelations, I don’t have a lot to say about that because I’m still trying to figure it out, but one thing I have noticed is the “it’s going to happen, just accept it” mentality, which is also in every end of the world new age story I have read, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

But through faith, not by works, does a man achieve the glory of heaven, or something along those lines. The ” not by works” part I heard a lot. When pressed a preacher will say it means you cant get into heaven by working alone, you have to believe. But in our way, working for the people is seen as a good thing, working to care for the little ones, Elders, women, widows, believing in creator is just a given.

At ten years old I was given a bible. I wasn’t allowed to watch R rated movies because it had too much cursing, sex, violence, etc. in it. But in the back of the church, reading my bible, I read about children getting eaten by bears, sons getting their fathers drunk and stripping him naked, daughters getting their father drunk and having sex with him, all read from “the infallible word of god”.

But I’ll stop there as this is getting off topic, and close by saying I have known very very good people that were Christians, but they were the exception and far from the rule.

Let’s forget about the Christian aspect for a minute and go to the sometimes atheistic. Academics. Continually various sciences will claim absolutes. Medicine saw heroine cocaine morphine, and so many other drugs as perfectly safe, even for children. Science stated the world was flat and that was an absolute, now they state us coming from apes is fact, an absolute, that too will change.

So many times we see academics claiming an absolute authority to our stories. The same mindset as in the new agers. The same is in the Christians to “witness” to us, the same with the government for our land.

I find it so amazing that conspiracy theorist will rail night and day against the intrusions of the government, yet turn around and do the exact same thing to our stories. Why are their rights being trampled and we are being overly possessive?

I can’t know how it feels to carry and bring a life into this world, neither can someone not of a tribe know what that tribes stories mean.

There is an overwhelming detachment in American society. A lack of knowledge bred by laziness, apathy, impatience. These among other things lead people to look for answers, but not try to find a firm and correct resolution. Anything will do as long as it makes you feel better right now. I got caught up in this too, but I got myself out.

Little is taught on how to actually fix what troubles us, so we get used to not having answers. Nothing is firm, everything always changes. People say that change is hard, but they apparently don’t see that things change around them all the time. The change that people fight is the change that goes against their wants. It takes away a comfort they think they need, and don’t see the harm it causes.

Everything good requires work to achieve it, and everything good is worth fighting for. You don’t win a fight by sitting in front of a television or computer, you can’t eat money, a natural thing is not improved by putting an unatural thing in it, a brawl can be won by being able to take more abuse than your opponent, but a war takes strategy.

If you think a tribe or nation has a good story, go talk to them, and LISTEN. Don’t just hear the words, try your best to understand, if you don’t understand ASK QUESTIONS.

If you are reading say, a Hopi story, on the Internet, or in a book, and it introduces new ideas, how can you ever be more of an expert about those stories than the people that made them? It would be like trying to tell George Lucas about star wars. But so much more in depth than that.

Learn about the culture of your people, if it grabs your heart, let it in, make it yours. When you go looking for your origins, and find very little or nothing there, you might just gain a little understanding of why the nations here fight so hard to hold onto their ways.

Americans live in a society where the next story is right around the corner. In the next book store, online library, tv station, or theater. There’s a serious lack of understanding that comes with that. It goes beyond just tickling the fancy you have at the moment. Sitting and listening to a grandfather tell stories, and know that those stories have been around longer than people can remember, puts you in a timeless place. It connects you to what was, and what will be when you become a grandfather and pass those on. When those stories are your stories, stories of your people, you belong to something bigger, something that goes back before memory. You see you are just a link in a chain, but you are also fixed with a responsibility to make new links.

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10 thoughts on “The Illusionati

  1. Good blog-the problem with organized religions is that sooner
    or later the emphasis gravitates to money and control, some
    more blatant than others, as is the case with the Catholic church
    and their invented control mechanisms of purgatory, and a
    mediating priesthood as the singular avenue of “forgiveness”.
    We are beginning to see the encroachment of this money
    issue into our belief systems and it is a prime example of this
    cancer we speak of it-a cancer that must be excised.
    There are those among us who are doing this, and to my way
    of thinking they are cancerous lesions upon the body of the
    If that isn’t enough to contend with we must also deal with
    the lethal radiation given off by the new agers.
    After bearing witness to these things I’m not much for sharing
    anything we believe with others, as it seems they aren’t prone
    to this listening you suggest, but instead seize upon what sparkles
    with their particular opinions and make whatever adaption/alteration
    they deem appropriate. Kind of that once burnt twice shy
    thing for me.
    But we do not exist as islands and an increasing amount will
    become public, so your advice is timely-what remains to be
    seen is if it is accepted.
    If there is a sincere interest accompanied by respect then as
    you say better to go the source and forget all that wafts through
    the internet ether. But also be willing to accept no if such an
    approach is taken and attempt to understand the reasons for
    it-that all things indigenous to the nations are under attack and
    it is very much a matter of survival.
    It is very much a fight for life-not just the physical aspect of
    living and breathing, but the cultural, traditional, linguistic, and
    ethnic identity that is part and parcel of our living.
    It is this American detachment you speak of that lends itself to
    the flitting from one thing to another-a search not only for meaning,
    but all too often for instant gratification-we’re not in the gratification
    business-neither are we into sell our heritage.
    An excellent point you have made in drawing the conspiracy comparison.

    • Very true, many aren’t prone to listen. Even when you come from the same culture they do, have even made many of the same mistakes.

      I completely understand the once burnt twice shy, but from an entirely different perspective.

      It is very important to listen, and accept no as an answer, and if that is given try to understand why. To learn an entirely different culture you HAVE to let go of where you come from in a way. If you don’t belong where you come from its not overly hard, but if you belong where you come from, parts of you will not want to let go, and that also needs to be watched for, by both sides I think.

      It seems to me, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but Elders seem to hint or only give a small amount of knowledge. To me, it seems like they want you to put forth the effort to learn. To not only see it in your way, but also so they can see your dedication. Basically, if your heart is truly in it, you will WANT to learn, you will work for the knowledge, and you will in turn earn it. Much like working a garden, you earn the good food it produces, and you learn the knowledge of the cycles of the rains, snows, seasons, frosts, etc.

      In a society where so many want to “go on vacation” to a nation, they do not devote the time to earn the knowledge, the Elders see this, and know their heart isn’t really in it. So the knowledge they earn is as shallow as the want of their hearts. That’s how I see it at least.

  2. meoquane and jess

    good to share the story and we like this word the illusionati, good to
    have the brother and the friends to, and the better good to speak
    the true thing.
    but we would ask what of these ones who do not listen and say I would
    have this and dos matter what any the other would say?

    • I think any that come to take by force or by trick anyone has the right to stop. We know what worked for us long ago, but we cannot do that now. Or these ones would be whipped or killed.

      I don’t know the answer to this question. Other than do not share things unless you know the heart for the long time.

      If someone has a good heart and wants to learn, their actions will show it. If you say, I will not speak of this until I know you, and they do not respect that, they do not respect you. If they do not respect you, they will not honor your ways.

      Like rezinate said, it is about the respect, when that is not there, the bridge cannot be built. The respect for another it seems to me allows you to put them in your heart and them stay there. The respect pushes for understanding, acceptance, learning, teaching, helping, so many good things.

      I have seen many fake the respect with the pretty words, or the actions only when others are around. I think it is important that someone live near those they wish to learn from.

      I think if someone is going to learn a tribe, they need to live as that tribe. If they only want to be a weekend warrior, and not devote the time and effort to become part of the community, even as an outsider living there, they need to move on, just keep skipping along the pond until they find the place their heart grabs.

  3. I think this is an example of the instant gratification I spoke of-the standard
    seems to be when someone wants something they want it now and with a
    minimal investment- eye candy and the latest fad.
    An overwhelming arrogance of it’s my right, I want it, and that alone is validation
    When you stir in those among us who are catering to this for profit or fb
    and youtube fame it begins to get out of control-instead of a unified stance by all
    the nations and their people you have the “drugstore Indians” trying to impress the
    I never got anything I didn’t earn or invest myself in.
    When I was in my teens I determined that I would not be dependent on anything
    or anyone, since I didn’t have an education and enjoyed physical work I set
    about learning all the construction skills I could-from framing to cabinetry, plumbing
    to electrical, and there were times when I approached contractors and said I would
    work for the knowledge if they would teach me- and that has stood me in good stead.
    I also determined I needed to understand the treaties, all the nuances and the
    approaches taken to circumvent them-so I began to read anything I could get my
    hands on regardless of the subject matter or if I had to plow my way through it.
    I read with a dictionary at my side and that has stood me in good stead as well,
    I practiced new words I had learned and sought opportunities to use them.
    Elders know what they are about-they aren’t passing out “sacred knowledge”
    to whoever comes along, they have a duty and a responsibility they are well
    aware of-no unknown outsider is going to come in, ingratiate them self, and receive
    a six week course, have a pipe passed to them, or become a “shaman”.
    Anyone making those claims is a LIAR.
    Elders aren’t in a hurry and have little tolerance for those who are-they understand
    that the wisdom they have was acquired over time, seasoned and tempered by it’s
    passage, just the same as the wisdom of the nations was-they speak thoughtfully in
    a measured deliberate manner honoring and respecting that-they have an awareness
    that in a very real sense they are the gatekeepers, and they don’t take it lightly or as the
    bible says engage in casting pearls before swine.
    There are enough of these drugstore Indians floating around who may be doing
    that or staging shows with a designated whiteman to sit and pass the pipe around
    as Russell has done, but it is nothing more than theater,and completely without value.
    It is all about respect-respect and sincerity. We’ve had too much taken from us as it
    is, and we are under no obligation to give away what we have left, neither do I believe
    we are not obligated to teach anyone other than our own anything-anyone attempting
    to take anything from us should be called what they are-a thief-let them do their
    cultural vacuuming and thievery elsewhere.
    To “share” or “teach” is a matter of choice – OUR choice- and I for one will not be
    told be differently by anyone-and for sure not by a crystal waver or a drugstore
    The coming generation will show a new face-one that is grounded in tradition
    and empowered by education-then it will be our turn.
    I too like this word Illusionati, as I think it pretty much says it all-and thank you
    for adding it to my vocabulary.

    • It is instant gratification, but I don’t think it’s a fad, there’s too much history of it over and over with tribes. It’s a cultural necessity, if people focus too much on what is wrong in this culture, they will try to change it. But if they have plenty of bright shiny things to distract them, and a culture that supports that, they will keep the status quo.

      They will do the work of the conquerors. Like the MSG in the food, the genetic modification of plants, the suppressing of alternatives to oil, they all keep the status quo.

      You are right there are those of us that contribute to the problem. There is a man in the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma last name smith that calls himself keetoowagi, but tries to tell you the Cherokee are a lost tribe of isreal. If you are an outsider and go to the Cherokee nation building you might just be sent to him. As I was told, he was asked to speak to outsiders. Then the Cherokee nation will rail against fake tribes such as the one in Tennessee with sitting white owl, too funny that name reminds me of walking eagle, who also claims the lost tribe of isreal if I remember correctly.

      I’ll make a blog on both of these later this year or next year.

      I was taught to work hard, earn what you have. But when I was 20 I got a job because a cousin I didn’t know I had and friends I didn’t ask to “put in a good word”. I did a good job, as that’s just my way, but when I found out they did this, I worked even harder to show I deserved to be there. I told them to never ever do that again, there could have been a better person for the job they passed over, that person would have deserved the job.

      There are so many that not only don’t care if they get special treatment, but feel like they deserve it. And it’s not white entitlement, I’ve seen every race from many different nations do this. The entitlement is a result of this society, I’m sure there is a white aspect due to the racial aspects, but this entitlement is much larger than just race.

      I also thank you. This insight to first nations and Elders is greatly appreciated. Hopefully those who want to reconnect with their ancestry, or learn, will consider this.

      Americans are in such a hurry, many times to get nothing tangible done. I have noticed driving shows much about a person. If they are impatient, lazy, careless, inconsiderate, in a hurry, prone to anger. Seems there are many things a personality bleeds over into.

      When you slow down, your perspectives change, but in a society based on greed, if you slow down you get left behind, and you can’t keep up with the jones’.

      • Smith, Sitting White Owl, and Walking Eagle-their reputations
        precede them-wonder if they’ve been bar mitzvahed, or if they’re
        mixing in a little new age and claiming to be direct descendants
        of Solomon?
        It’s a good and conscientious thing that you’re made mention
        of this-thanks.

  4. I’ll define fad in part as related to times of social upheaval-I know
    “Christians” who are rather slack in their professed beliefs until
    some kind of trouble looms-then they dive back into it with a fervor.
    Seems kind of like that with the attention our beliefs receive,
    the more trouble, doubt and stress, the more attention is paid to
    them as some sort of alternative fix- as though their beliefs aren’t
    working so they’ll try something new.
    The more bells and whistles, or in this case feathers and
    beads, that can be attached to it the more appealing.
    This country has existed for at least the few decades in a state of
    controlled economic and social chaos. The chaos of the Sixties with
    the Viet Nam war and the open explosion of the drug culture are
    a benchmark in this fad/attraction as authored by the Hippies.
    They brought an awareness of us into the culture to then be
    joined by AIM and other movements.
    Attention waxes and wanes-but always there is a reason for it,
    and I attempt to discover what the motivations are to better understand
    the purpose and the end game-where it all leads and the impact it
    will have. Doesn’t mean I am right or the connections I make are
    accurate-but often enough they seem very obvious to me.
    I don’t even like the word entitlements or the varied connotations
    associated with it-the “entitlement” we have as indigenous people
    is sovereignty and self determination-that is what the fight is about.
    There aren’t going to be anymore give away treaties obliging us
    to assimilate-the next one will be full recognition as sovereign people
    and nations under the auspices of true government to government
    working relationships-anything less is unacceptable.
    I would encourage one and all to ponder what that really means-
    it is far removed from such publicity driven things as the RoL- one
    need only to read the conditions and stated positions to know, to
    see the latent pandering, the railing on one hand about Lakota
    land while throwing the door open to one and all that are contained
    with it.
    It is a statement cleverly acknowledging that if any attempt were made
    to evict the “invaders” it would fall flat and under the present conditions
    be entirely unenforceable, and Russell Means would stand a good
    chance of being tarred and feathered.
    The concept is a good one, but far from being original- the better approach
    I think is for all the nations to form a confederation like Six Nations and
    move in unison-strength in unity, and equal representation eliminating
    the opportunity for individual showboating.

  5. meoquane and jess

    yes in this way we see this fad it is made to be but the long history
    for it to, and we see this RoL to be only the talk to say oh look at me
    and the better for all these people to make this unity.
    and we are happy this one Tali Uquelugv puts these words to
    discuss and learn the more and would say thank you for this.

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