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Clovis Point

Archeologists and anthropologists long held that what is referred to Clovis were the first people to inhabit this land, beginning abut 13,000 years ago.

Yet recent discoveries are pushing the date back-sites like McMinnville in Oregon dated at 46,000 years-Old Crow in the Yukon at 25,000 to 40,000 years, and Bluefish Caves in the Yukon at 12,000 to 28,000 years.

I don’t recall where but I either saw a video or read an article by an indigenous person claiming that the nations had been here for at least six million years.

That’s longer than the existence of humankind,and something I personally don’t accept.

Ultimately  it doesn’t matter to me what the time frame is as the reality is we are the first people to inhabit this continent, this hemisphere.

I tend to look at numbers like six million as being influenced by external beliefs-shades of Atlantis and Mu, flying saucers…

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Very interesting, a wanna be milking wannabes. Wannabes, sounds like a fake tribe. HOW! I’m russell, of the wanna’be people.

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According to geneaology documents contained within the archives of the Oglala Lakota College Russell Means is not Lakota by any contrivance he may choose to employ.

In point of fact as referenced in the previous blog by a commenter he is White, Crow, and Nakota -so the question arises what purpose has this role playing and theatrical venture served? What has been the intent?

Even more to the point how can a non Lakota claim to speak for them, attempt to establish what amounts to little more than a faux republic, as in the Republic of Lakota, and announce that he as the “chief facilitator” is abrogating existing treaties ?

I’m a little surprised when he was  not  able to seek tribal office among the Dine that he didn’t lay claim to have Dine ancestry, but even so if he had of his assault upon his then one armed eighty…

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The truth is coming out.

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“A truth commission or truth and reconciliation commission is a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a government (or, depending on the circumstances, non-state actors also), in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past. They are, under various names, occasionally set up by states emerging from periods of internal unrest, civil war, or dictatorship. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, established by President Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu after apartheid, is popularly considered a model of truth commissions.”   Wikipedia

I’d like to see a completely independent truth commission tasked with discovering, and presenting anything relevant to AIM, WK2, Leonard Peltier, and the government.

A commission with full access to all related materials and the ability to hold any who obstruct their effort in contempt and criminally liable.

Also with the authority to subpoena-though I’m not sure how that would work as by…

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So well written, I wish I could write as well.
Another speaking up about the reality of things as they see it.

I agree that it’s so easy to fall into a statistic, and lose sight of what you have around you.
I love this part the most, little ones and their insights.
“Then my youngest son said something that struck a chord. “How come life on the rez is normal until reporters come along, and then everyone gets sad faces to tell them how bad it sucks here?”

I said “Well it does suck. We are poor.”

He said “I would rather be poor, than live somewhere else.”

And I thought about it. He was right.

We do have horrible statistics, but there is a beautiful simplicity in our lives on the rez. When you can sit with your father around a fire while he cooks a pot of soup over the fire, eat the soup and be content with just soup and talk into the night while the stars twinkle on the prairie sky and your laughter echoes around you, that is what life is about right there. “

Just A Rez Chick

I’m just nervy to be writing this. I am on a deadline to write for my only paying writing job, but as a writer sometimes something gets you in the gut and the heart. Makes you start feeling around for that pen, or for your phone with the handy WordPress app. Someone once asked me how I can write. They said they can relate to what I say but they can’t put it down like that. I told them- If you have a heart and a pen you can write. Or like Hemingway said, Open a vein and start typing, or whatever. I mean J.K. Rowling brought Harry Potter to life with an ink pen and a napkin.

But there are certain things I will write about at the drop of a dime, no matter.

One of these things I feel that passionately about are my people. I live in…

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Great straight forward experiential post.

Ojinjintka News

I remember when my late grandparents told stories about how life was on the Rez when they were young. My late grandparents used to say it was extremely embarrassing for an individual to be taken to jail for being overdosed on alcohol in public. Too bad our Rez has changed so dramatically.


Have you ever seen someone lying on the street passed out from an alcohol overdose? Today, so many of us consider it just another day on the Rez when we see highly intoxicated people in public. Are we are so used to seeing our people overdosed on alcohol in public that we simply choose to ignore it?


A member of my local community election committee was obviously overdosed on alcohol while on the job last week during the special election held on my Rez. This person was allegedly harassing tribal voters. Many people lack enough self-respect…

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Lots of research done by this person, so much information. Keep up the good work Chenocetah.

Chenocetah's Weblog

From 1721 through 1868, the Cherokee people had more than forty treaties with the white people, at first with the British and colonists and later with the American government.  So far as I can tell, all of them seem to have been broken.

One that is of interest to us here in dealing with place names of Cherokee origin is the Treaty of 1817, also called the Treaty of the Cherokee Agency.  There had been, in 1816, two other treaties which, as usual, required the Cherokee to cede more lands.  In March of that year, they had ceded all remaining lands in South Carolina,  a small section in and around what is now Oconee County.  In September, the tribe in a general meeting at Turkeytown [Alabama] had ratified the Treaty of the Chickasaw Council House, ceding most of their lands in Alabama and nearby border areas, some 3,500 square miles.

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The below was submitted  by auntiej5 in the comments section of Those Trudell Videos, and
 I thought it worthy of standing alone………

The Tiger lily is wild and free, her song is on the winds.
for the Women whose voices you have silenced,
my spirit WILL fill again.
So many tears have fallen, I recall this when it rains.
My Daughters are remembering and proudly call my name.
For the women you have beaten, while for them you should have cared.
Brutal rapes and murder, all because your scared?
Where have all the men Warriors gone, and why do you live a lie?
Allowing truth of a Matriarch, to slowly & surely die.
It was a Woman who gave you the pipe, a woman is the Earth. A Woman who hears you cry a Woman who gave you birth.

John oh John, you know more truth,
then you’ve have the…

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Lots of names thrown around here, so much for Peltier being a leader of AIM.

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I’m sure there are those who read this before but I’ve elected to blog it for a couple of reasons-one is the accusations that flew back and forthbetween Russell Means and Vernon and the other is the references made to Peltier.

In particular the statement that he had a lot to do with the murder of Annie Mae -I don’t take that to mean an actual hand in it  but as a contributing factor following his boasting to Annie and Kamook that he did shoot at least of the agents at Jumping Bull.

That in itself may not have been enough to issue the AIM fatwah -but coupled together with other knowledge she had may well have been the straw that broke the camels back. Either way here once again we see Peltier being spoken of as little more than a halfwit, an idiot and a psychopath-a…

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This part of the FOI’s serialization I suspect will be a mixed bag for the Peltierites -some points they will seize upon while electing  to ignore or denounce others with the usual denial and vitriol-as such I will  begin by pointing out what should be a few obvious facts.

Nowhere in this or pt.2 is a single mention of a belief of innocence, that could be an omission though, an oversight-to the contrary statements made carry an implication that those making them don’t necessarily believe Peltier is-and other motivations for taking up the “cause” such as uranium and world injustices may speak to that as well.

So let’s examine this perception of injustice-it is an expressed opinion of judicial error or constitutional violation made by counsel, not a proven fact-furthermore no declaration of innocence is attached to it.

There is a mechanism in place when such an opinion arises-and…

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Don’t sweat the small stuff -kind of a catch phrase that floats around I’m sure we’ve all heard of…..been thinking about that a little and believe it may be a part of the original balance plan, this sweating the small stuff.

Men it seems tend to zone in on what they believe are the larger issues while women appear to be  more attuned to details-focusing on what men consider minutia.Now that isn’t true of all men and women but seems to be generally the way of it.

As a man if I’ve lost a button on my shirt or have work stained pants it’s kind of a whatever thing to me because I’m honed in on those larger issue-women on the other hand will notice these things immediately and seek to rectify them…they even want to know if you saved the button-assuming on their part that we actually are…

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